Recommending Career Podcasts


Listening to podcasts are a great way to be entertained while receiving valuable insights, and a bonus is that you can listen from anywhere.

Today, we’re sharing a few career and life podcasts, which may not be necessarily to law only but overall great conversations to help you be smarter.

First on the list; a local one-

Sisters In Conversation: with Tebello Motshwane, and I know said the the podcasts wouldn’t all be law related but this one is, and we thought it important to share that listening to these conversations from every day women that are fearlessly pursuing their career in law.

Becoming Wise: offers so much wisdom on a variety of topics. Impactful and knowledgeable.

The Office Podcast: this one offers you a chance to be better at the varying dynamics of the workplace. It is both informative and funny.

She Brigade: What would be a recommendation of podcasts without mentioning this one? She shared career journeys through interviews of young women in different industries.

Take a listen at some of these, and soon we’ll be back with a list on all things careers.

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