Can You Tell If You’re Burnt Out or If You Just Hate Your Job?


Some days are better than others, but every job comes with its own challenges. Your career challenges and job challenges are different. The job is the daily and the career is for the long haul.

You have to be able to differentiate between the things that are challenging and some bad days. In some jobs the boss can be unbearable, or your colleagues are getting on your last nerve. All these things can be so tiresome for you to go through each day, so you start wondering whether or not the job you have is the right one for you. That may be when the fatigue sets in.

We have a few ideas to help you surf through the notice in your mind and try re awaken what’s left of your desire to keep your job until something else comes up.

Take a break. Have you been using your leave days? Make the most of them and step back form your daily duties and hopefully that can offer some clarity on a way forward while you’re away.

Make time for the things that matter: Even though you’re “stuck” at work and tired from it everyday, you’ll need to learn to find time for something’s you can enjoy on a daily outside of work as well.

Once you surfed through a break or a balance, then you can make an informed decision as to whether you go or grow.

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