International Women’s Day


What can we say about this observed day without falling short of scepticism? That we acknowledge the advancement of women in the legal field. This isn’t to say that the gender parity will not continue to exist but that over the years we will get one step closer.

International Women’s Day is a global phenomenon, and as a community we wish each one of you well in your work places, in your career as well as your studies. We hope that on this day, you’re reminded of the stories of the many women who came before you. And that in so doing, you’re able to recognize where you will be better equipped to use your skills, knowledge and qualifications to effect change.

The field of law has seen many trailblazing women and we know that each one of you will one day go on to become trailblazers in your own right, and that’s just loosely assuming you haven’t already, and we have complete confidence in your ability to be it.

Supporting one another on this day and all our days, contributes immensely to the global community and as well as the ongoing growth and development of the legal industry. May it never be lost on any of us, why it is important to empower one another.

Happy #IWD

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