Professional Habits to Develop In Your Twenties


Law students, fresh out of a text book can always feel like they are ready to hit the ground running and make a sharp shift in the industry and the firm or company they get to work for. But to succeed as a professional requires more than just your qualifications.

Throughout the life span of your career the learning never stops. Just because you’ve got your degree and been hired doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s all you need to succeed. During this time in your life, it is important to develop some skills that will help your overall career.

Here are a few tips on how to create healthy and empowering goals to set yourself up with a great foundation for your career goals.

STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE: As soon as you start working, you’ll need to learn to keep an open mind about what you’re willing to do and what you’re not willing to do. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, learn to be okay with being reliable based off the fact that you haven’t tied yourself to just one area of law that you may have done well at in school. Proof to yourself and your team that you are always willing to go the extra mile and learn something new.

BE ORGANIZED: This goes without saying. As long as you’re organized and you know where things go and what needs to be done. That already puts you on top of the game. You’ve got to develop the skill of having a set way of doing things without the stress of perfectionism. Mastering the way you organize things and the work that you do will come in very handy in the long run.

BE ATTENTIVE, INTENTIONAL & CURIOUS: if you’re looking to work your way up the corporate ladder, you’ve got to be sharp. Take all the notes you need, ask questions, and remember that practice makes perfect. This way, you’re able to make valuable contributions to any team you work with.

These are just a few of the tips that we can offer you at this time. Your legal career will be time consuming, and fulfilling all at once. Just learn to do your part and find your footing as soon as you can in developing the skills you need to succeed.

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