How To Land and Successfully Keep Your Dream Job.


A huge part of a successful career is understanding it for what it is. So often on this blog we talk about choosing an area of law and excelling at that. This is all important because you have to understand that the legal industry is a long game. You’re in it for the long run.

So accepting that will help you be able to upskill your self every now and again to align with your career vision. It goes without saying that you have to choose to be playing an active role in the long game, and fit yourself into spaces that will value your contribution. That’s why you need to understand yourself and your personal career goals when hoping to land your dream job.

So often people think that the law is one dimensional, but it’s proven over the years that it’s full of different spheres, and acknowledging that will come a long way with assisting you to finally have the right door open for you.

When going in to your interview, make sure that you stand out. You’ll need to prepare very hard and be the person in the room who can’t be lost. You’ll need to plan far more than the advertised job spec. Go beyond what’s written or said at face value and ensure that the interviewer can see just how much of a contribution you can make to their work space. Craft your career accordingly with your strengths.

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