What Does It Mean To “Have It All”As A Career Woman?


The month of March marks International Women’s Month. The modern day working woman encompasses so much more than what some have in the past. As such, because of how multifaceted women can be they are considered to be well-rounded and that they “have it all”.

The high paying jobs, fitness, family and finances. There are so many ways that we look at each other everyday and wish that we had what someone else had. We dream of a work-life balance but can one actually attain it all?

Work-life balance is of course very different for every individual because what’s important to one person can mean nothing to the next. But an overall feeling of having control over your career and life is very empowering, so that’s why today we are taking at look at what it means to have it all together as a career woman working in law.

From being a law student, graduating and going on to work and finding an area of law to specialise in is a long way to having it all figured out. Some subjects are more difficult than others, and some more enjoyable. It is imperative that you take the time to figure out what best suits your overall interests in life and aligns most with your career goals.

For so long, women from all walks of life have been striving for the same equal opportunities as men, but men hardly get questioned on whether or not they have it all figured out… society just assumes that they do. The legal industry is male dominated and it can be intimidating, but one must solidify their seat at the table and believe in your inherent right to thrive in your career while doing all the things that make you more of a woman than it does to be a big shot man in a suit. But in all honesty, the pressure to keep a balance lies more on the women than it does on the man on most occasions.

Advice? Forget how it’s suppose to look and remember what works best for you as an individual and what aligns most with the goals you have for your career and overall life. Because, in all honesty no one has it figured out so remember that having it all is only what’s satisfactory to you and your journey.

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