Skills employers will be looking for in 2021


The month of March always feels like it is just the right time to get into the swing of things. In January it almost always feels like time runs away from us and one can’t fully be productive.

February on the other hand feels like you’re just getting your feet wet and feeling out what the year has in store for you. You get a chance to really evaluate your goals that you’ve planned to achieve this year and March feels like you can finally begin.

The world is changing so much and it is important to upskill yourself and you may be able to adapt as technology and the industry moves at a speed of light. But, not only is getting skills that are hard evidence in terms of experience and qualifications but it also includes soft skills.

Soft skills may be defined as a part of you thats based more on character as opposed to your knowledge and occupational skills. Today, we take a look at a few soft skills that employers are said to be on the look out for in the year 2021:

Emotional Intelligence: Have you ever known someone who was brilliant at the work that they do but failed to keep a balance when it came to their emotions? Have you seen how that affects their work? In an industry as tough as the legal industry you’ll need to recognize and manage your emotions. You’re encouraged to find positive ways to deal with the stress and pressures of the workplace.

Problem-solving: If you work in the legal industry for most if not all instances and purposes, you should be a solution driven. Clients come to you with problems and you need to be able to identify very early on how you can make the case work in your clients favor.

Ability to work independently: Effectively, have a backbone. We share so much of our legal opinions day in and day out but you’ve got to be an independent thinker and have the ability to confidently challenge others, all while being a team player. These two soft skills are equally very important because they can help your firm or department maximize on your skills as a team and as individuals.

Leadership qualities: Ever heard the saying that great leaders always lead from the back? One of the best characteristics you can have in the work place is being an active listener. Communicate through listening to your team, managers or principals.

These are just some of the soft skills that have been proven to maximize productivity and workflow in different teams around the world. Learn how you can incorporate and improve your own self as these are quite developmental in nature.

This year, given everything that’s happening learning and improving an extra skill or two can get you favorable results.

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