Don’t commit to an area of law too soon.

Inaki del Olmo

Often we may be encouraged to be decisive about our career decisions very early on, and because we are moving in a fast paced world, no one wants to be considered slow when it comes to choosing what exactly they will specialize in. If you’re lucky, you’ve known since you were thirteen years old that you would be a corporate or criminal lawyer but in most cases, experience is the best deciding factor.

Deciding on a practice area is one of the most important things to consider that might affect the longevity of your career. Surprisingly, going to law school won’t necessarily equip you with the right preparation you’ll need in deciding exactly what will be the right practice area for you. It’s worth the encouragement in saying that it should be a decision you work through and really consider other factors. Of course, the most common thing right after obtaining your law degree is to start working and making money but it’s really important that you keep in mind to work towards something that truly interests you. You’ll really need to have a good sense of self and as cliche as that may sound, but really taking the time to think through and analyzing what’s important to you can be a great way to point yourself in the right direction. 

Different areas of law are more suited for certain types of personalities and although we don’t hear this often, your character plays a huge role in what your skill sets. Understand what’s required for certain types of lawyers and legal professionals, and consider what’s best suited for you on a daily basis and in the long run. Just because you may have aced a particular subject in law school, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll enjoy its day to day practices. Take the time to really appreciate how your strengths, talents and challenges fit into your overall law career.

As young lawyers and legal professionals, it’s really important to know that choosing one area of law to specialize in can be daunting. There’s so many stories of young and old lawyers who have been so gravely unsatisfied with their careers because they may have made decision that resulted in an undesirable outcome and career prosperity. As individuals living in the 21dt century, we can learn so much more by reaching out and networking with other women in law, we learn through thoughtful research and conversations. It’s really advisable that you spend time to think through what area of law you will choose.

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