Youth & Influence: Wela Mlokoti

Wela Mlokoti

Wela Mlokoti is no stranger to the business of online influence. She is currently on her second Instagram account after her first one got deleted at 88 000 thousand followers but she has already grown her platform to over 200 000 followers.

Her claim to fame? Being authentic. Growing up in Mthata, Eastern Cape… Wela says that she was always outspoken as a child and that her parents encouraged her to join public speaking competitions and debating teams which ultimately led her to pursue a career in law.

Currently, Wela awaits her admission as an Attorney of the High Court in South Africa. She completed her LLB at the University of Cape Town and went on to further her studies with a Masters degree in Commercial Law from the Duke University in North Carolina.

Her academic achievements speak for themselves, as she has worked as a clerk at the Constitutional Court of South Africa and not only that but she has interned in California after winning a writing competition back in 2014. Her law career thus far has been an admirable one and that’s why it was important to feature her in this years Youth & Influence campaign.

Anyone would say that with a big platform, comes responsibility and that’s something we can safely say Wela has done with her platform and that is to use her opportunity as a digital influencer to educate people. After noticing the engagement in her Direct Messages and comments about law related topics from followers and young aspirant lawyers… Wela went on to start LESA, which stands for Legal Eagles South Africa.

She describes it as a platform of resources for young students and professionals on their journey to becoming great and successful. It is something she has been meaning to start for a while, and having identified the gap it was time that she launched the online space to interact with everyone that’s been reaching out to her.

With a successful law career, an educational platform to go with it… Wela is also very big on sharing hair and beauty tips with her followers. Her audience can interact with her beautifully curated content on her Instagram page and her YouTube channel.

An overall inspiring and motivational persona is what you can expect when you follow Wela. She shares that she keeps the two separate and that as being a content creator is only a hobby, it doesn’t really affect her law career.

It is wonderful to see her be able to strike such a balance with a successful career in law and a continuously growing platform of engaged followers, showcasing once again just how multidimensional women are. Of course there are many challenges along the way that remain, and Wela affirms strongly that she believes in a need for transformation in the legal and business sectors overall.

“Black women are underrepresented at senior levels in almost every part of law. Hire more black women, promote more black women”

Speaking on her future plans, Wela tells us that she is generally a woman with long-term plans but that her immediate focus is mainly taking each day as it comes and focusing on doing her best.

Wela Mlokoti

You can follow and interact more with Wela on Instagram at @WelaMlokoti as well as follow her informative page on all things law at @LegalEagles_SA.

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