Career Mistakes Women Make In Their Twenties

Image: Unsplash

Let’s begin with acknowledging that before anything, we are human and as human beings mistakes happen. In as much as this article will bring to light some of the mistakes that may stand in the way of our inevitable success, it also isn’t bringing young women down or trying to put unnecessary pressure on anyone.

We are measly trying to highlight these mistakes so that we may all learn from them, as the old saying goes “a person who has never made mistakes has never tried anything new”.

Professional mistakes are bound to happen when the are so many odds against you as a young woman,but this article doesn’t necessarily apply only to twenty year olds but to all young female professionals trying to navigate a career in law, which is inherently very prejudicial against women. With limited opportunities, limited resources it’s easy to be one upped by those who the industry generally favors. Now, let’s take a look at some career “mistakes” that we all need to learn from and hopefully in future to do better to improve how we relate to ourselves as young career women.


This is by far the most overlooked mistake, especially in terms of a career in law. So often, we all assume that there’s only one way to go about achieving a successful career in law. But in all honesty, there are a lot more options out there regarding the many things you can do with a law degree. 

Consider interning sooner than recommended, because we know it’s always said that it’s safer to finish your studies first but we’d highly recommend that for those who still have the opportunity and chance to explore their options to do so.


Alright, so you’re trying to be a big shot lawyer racking in the big bucks? We don’t blame you, university and law school is expensive. But hear us out, you need a more sustainable plan. A long fulfilling career is not guaranteed right, but don’t take just any job for its salary offer that might crush your soul.

You need to really take your time in figuring out what adds value to your overall career goals.


Ever heard the saying, “don’t rush, you’ll crash”? Well, it’s true. We all need to get better at going a bit easy on the pressure we put on ourselves to be instantly successful. Don’t move too fast, take your time in figuring out just what it is your overall career is suppose to look like ten, fifteen years from now.

Take your time to learn, without being preoccupied with what you should or shouldn’t have right now to look like a successful young law professional.

Generally there’s really no linear way of achieving the “perfect” career. It’s all so different for each individual but we can all agree that the lesson is truly in taking your time to fully explore your options and understand what you can achieve that way. 

Share with us, some of the things you think are honest mistakes you may have made or continue to make, hey… we are all along on this journey. 

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