Youth & Influence: Jade Robertson

Picture: Instagram/JustJadeBlog

Lately, there’s been so much conversation on our timelines about what other avenues people can pursue with a law degree. You sort of get the sense that when it comes to law, and working in it, it’s all or nothing for a lot of people. 

But the times are changing, there’s not one way of doing anything anymore and in this week’s feature with Jade Robertson she truly highlights and shares what it’s like to honestly go with the flow and letting your passions find you. Although Jade doesn’t work in law today, she is a leading South African fashion and beauty influencer, with no holds of ever going back to practicing law and that’s because she has opened herself and mind up to the endless opportunities that exist.

A lot of people may think that to study law and choose not to pursue it in practice means that you hold resentment of some sort, but that has not been Jade’s fate. She shares with us, that there’s no way of knowing where life will lead her in the next five years, she could go on to grow her digital business as a brand and influencer or go back to law and use it as an impactul tool.

Jade, is a young 29 year old from the Western Cape and currently works as a social media content creator. With two law degrees , she initially started out pursuing her Bcom Law qualification and further went on to complete an LLB. Did we mention all while running one of South Africa’s first and leading fashion blogs.

While her career as a social media influencer was picking up, getting invited to events, booking brand deals and partnerships, Jade went on to complete are articles of clerkship and attended the School of Legal Practice… and here’s more she went on to complete a third qualification in Industrial Psychology in hopes to equip herself with the necessary skills to be able to use all her qualifications to work well and better with people. Jade shares that she was able to successfully achieve all this despite the obvious challenges on how to balance it all, by focusing on what needed her attention at any given time and that allowed to not find herself at crossroads having to choose between her then studies and her hobby of blogging, which she says has really came naturally to her and felt easier to be consistent.

” Young women need to know that… it’s all about working hard and most importantly being consistent.”

The year 2020 has rather been a hurdle that none of us could’ve anticipated but Jade is said to be using this time to rework her plans, and to explore and see what exactly it is that she could do next. She is very determined, and recognizes this strength in many other young women like herself, and has had to pick herself up with a good pep talk and to get right back to work. And in acknowledging life’s changes, Jade further shares that it’s okay to breakdown and cry every now and then but that the true strength always shows in one’s ability to make a strong comeback from setbacks.

For the month of June, in commemorating South Africa’s youth month this annual campaign seeks to share inspiration for young women and Jade’s words of encouragement are that one needs to continue consistently trying to do better and trying to create more, consistently challenge yourself, and if something doesn’t work, try and always try again.

You can follow Jade Robertson on all social media platforms as @justjadeblog and visit her blog

We look forward to seeing what’s in her future achievements and changes, her influence is undeniable and we hope you all take inspiration from reading her journey.

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