Lawyers Don’t Just Need To Be Good at Law

In law school you learn a lot of law related subjects, but if you don’t start with an LLB straight, your undergrad in BA, BCom may equip you with different knowledge and skill set.

Of course as a lawyer you’re meant to be an expert in law, but to advance your career and to better understand the world around you, you need to be good at other things other than the law. Whether its a good understanding of finance, political issues or computers, as a lawyer you need to be good at some other skills.

Lawyers are quite busy and don’t always have the luxury of learning new things, but we may suggest that using what you know as general knowledge on other matters can really come in handy. You may dedicate time at the end of the day to read up on a new topic. If you’re running your own practice or in a position to influence with the organization, you could implement certain software or tech to help the firm operate more efficiently.

If you have a better understanding of the political or economic climate that may assist when negotiating a deal on behalf of a client. No skill is better off to know than understanding the world in which we operate. As a professional you’ll best be of service when you more deliberately improve your craft.

Whether you’re putting in more time reading books or articles, listening to podcasts or the radio, lawyers need to be consistently availing themselves to new ideas, business strategies, topics, skill and just different sources of inspiration. There’s always an opportunity to continually improve yourself as a person working in law, we highly recommend that you expand your horizons.

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