FIVE things you can do (that have nothing to do with your job) to help your career.

Advancing your career doesn’t completely need to happen inside the four walls of your office. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of awesome things you can do to give your career a boost—things that have very little to do with your actual job.

So, if you’ve been on the hunt for some productive things you can do to elevate your own professional reputation—that don’t involve extra hours in the office—we’ve pulled together five suitable suggestions for you right here.


This may be particularly important for law students. When you’re on a semester or term break, make the effort to volunteer your time at a community law Centre or clinic. This will help you get familiar with the work that’s being done practically using your knowledge learnt at school. This not only helps you gain experience but also gives you an opportunity to make the necessary lasting impressions. You never know what could come from working hard and volunteering. The people you’re working alongside might go on to hire you, or even better recommend you to a good firm in the future. 

The same goes for a working lawyer, you can never underestimate what giving your time back into the community can do for you personally and for your career. For all the efforts you put in, there’ll be formidable rewards. 


Reading is a great way to expand your horizons and learn new things. And, whether business related or not—making time to read is always recommended for beefing up your knowledge. Join a book club, meet young women who are like minded and have the same interests. 

Bookmark thought-provoking articles you want to come back to, always work to broaden your horizons. After all, there’s really nothing better than being able to unwind while also knowing you’re doing yourself (and your career) a favor.


Try putting yourself out there, trying something new is a great way to not only boost your career, but also discover new interests. You just need to make the time because there’s no way of knowing what kind of connections you could make outside the ordinary legal industry. 

So, go ahead and finally pick up a camera, join a sports club or just explore something you’ve been meaning to do for years. Or, sign up for an online course that will teach you the basics of coding. Learning new skills is never a bad thing and you might just be able to take them into the office with you.


Call it networking or socializing, but I’d just encourage you to strike up conversations wherever you go. Whether you want to chat with the person in the chair next to you at the hair salon or compliment the person ahead of you in line, don’t be afraid to get the conversation rolling. You never know who you’ll meet.

A firm handshake usually does the trick, but given the current global question of social distancing we wouldn’t recommend it, stay safe. 


It’s tough to be impressive in the office when you’re feeling completely burnt out, everyone needs a little downtime. We’ve all read over the last couple of weeks of working from home since covid broke out that this time should be used as a productivity chance to work through everything. But the reality is, the pandemic is affecting each one of us in ways we couldn’t imagine. So, take the necessary break every now and again, then see how that improves your overall career. 

So, as counterproductive as it might seem, make time to just kick back and do nothing outside of working hours; you’ll be able to come into the office with a fresh outlook.

Advancing your career doesn’t all have to happen at work. These five things have nothing to do with your actual job duties, but can grow your professional reputation by leaps and bounds. Take a break from the office, give them a try, and see for yourself!

Let us know anymore tips and tricks you may have used in the past on how to advance our careers. 

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