Get to know the Women In Law from viral #DontRushChallenge

While we are all still trying to wrap our heads around how quickly COVID-19 is changing our collective reality, I just as quickly found myself part of a viral video challenge on social media.

The “hashtag Don’t Rush challenge” was initially a make up inspired video, and when we decided to take apart in it after being approached to join in, the idea was to always incorporate the part where we are all women working in law. And it is safe to say, we took it in stride and made it our own.

I personally could’ve never anticipated just how much traction this video would get, and how it would resonate with many women in what seems to be it’s reach across the country. It’s all evident in the constant notifications and engagement we continue to receive since the video was posted almost over a week ago. Challenges and online hashtag games have seemingly been one of the best coping mechanism for a lot of us all during these uncertain times. 

The group was made up of six other incredible young women, who have left me for the most part truly inspired by the work that they do both as professionals and as women. It was evident in how we prepared for this video, they were specific on how it should be taken, the energy it was meant to have and if you know anything about effective leaders such preparations and attention to detail is a recipe for success. All these ladies, as you’ll learn from this article are driven and multifaceted and are a true representation of the type of community SHE Legal Co seeks to highlight and grow. 

I was approached by Omphile, who was approached by Aurelia and the idea to do the legal edition video was brought to her by Rethabile and quickly the group assembled on WhatsApp. I have never met most of the ladies prior to this video, but have interacted with some of them through the work I do on SHE Legal Co. We interviewed Aurelia for our annual ‘Youth & Influence’ campaign and Tebllo has shared an article with our platform on what it took to succeed as a candidate attorney.

By order of appearance in the video, get to know Aurelia Nxumalo,  Tebello Motshwane, Omphile Boikanyo, who was followed by myself then Nako Tebele, Karabo Matlhoko and lastly there was Rethabile Seema.

Aurelia Hlobisile Nxumalo is no stranger to the Internet, boasting a following of over 140k followers on Instagram alone, she uses her platform and influence as an ambassador for navigating a career as a young female professional and her audience is captivated. Recently admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa, she is currently the Lead in Legal at Youth Economics Alliance which is a non-profit organization established to drive development and advancement of youth entrepreneurship.

Aurelia is a budding Social Entrepreneur, as she is a co-founder of The Professionista: a space they created where they hope to connect, impart, teach and unite those entering the corporate world. It is a community of women to share valuable information to help every aspiring woman chasing their dreams. She also acts as an ambassador for the Play Your Part campaign driven by Brand South Africa.

As an advocate for personal and professional development, Aurelia strongly believes in passing the baton in order to impart through the work she does with The Professionista. In terms of what qualifies her to be this fearless and successful young woman, she holds a Bachelor Of Laws (LLB) degree, a Complaince Management certificate and most recently obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Contract Drafting and Interpretation with the ambition to obtain her Masters in Law in Information Technology & Communication.

In the video, true to her values she then throws the baton, the book you see in the video, to Tebello Motshwane, who is affectionately known as ‘Bellz’ across her social media platforms. For those who follow her on twitter, you’re no stranger to her informative tweets regarding life and law. 

Carving her own path in a legal industry that’s very often so used to doing things the same old fashioned way, Tebello took it upon her self to establish what’s known as Sister In Law. In 2018 after noticing the increasing rate at which women would approach her for legal insights, she came to the realization that there is a lack of legal education and understanding for women. Strongly growing her base, she defines Sister In Law as a “a platform dedicated to empowering women and the community through legal education.”

Motshwane obtained her law degree from the University of Johannesburg and is an Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. Currently she works as a consultant at RAMS Inc and is also the founder as well as the Managing Director at Collective Intelligence Legal Consultants. Tebello is passionate about the legal profession and has done extensive work in uplifting the young girls and women she interacts with on a daily basis. You may have seen or heard of her on TV and radio interviews and features, where she uses her influence and knowledge in Family Law to empower South African women. 

Having gained traction online two years ago when she shared her journey as an Admitted Attorney, Omphile Boikanyo is no stranger to having gone viral about her positive career milestones. With varied experience in facets of law that include but not limited to Commercial Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Municipal Law she shares that she now has a keen interest in Maritime Law, Aviation Law and Entertainment Law. All of which are fast developing in South Africa and gives her an opportunity to lead in such developments in future. 

Omphile did not stop at obtaining her Bcom Law degree focused in Business Management, she then followed that up with an LLB and she continued to further explore her business interest by doing an Entrepreneurial short course at the Gordon Institute of Business.

The beauty of a digital community is that we can all connect from different parts of the world and closer to home, there is Botswana and that’s where the continental connection comes in with Nako Bo Tebele. I first took notice of Nako through Tebello’s Sister In Law events when they jointly hosted one of their I Am Lady Justice in Botswana. Nako, is a practicing Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public of the Courts of Botswana. And things are done differently over there, and her official honorary title is Esquire.

Ms Tebele Esq, describes herself as a born leader as her duties both as Practice Manager and Senior Attorney with her firm are fulfilled effectively and effortlessly. She also sits on and forms part of a number of boards as company secretary and advices on business development. Currently Nako runs her own flower arrangement company, Flovers, for which is she qualified for after attending the Sandy Floral Academy in Johannesburg. 

Nako strongly believes in dreaming big, and that there is room for us all to thrive. 

Not short of being a hard worker, next was Mrs Karabo Matlhoko, who strongly laments the fact that a woman’s ability to multitask is incomparable to that of a man and if you know anything about SHE Legal Co her statement holds true to our value preposition.

Karabo is an Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa, she holds an LLB degree, a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management and is committed to completing a Masters degree in Public Management as well. Currently, she works as a Legal Manager in a Local Municipality and is also a member of the North West Provincial Task Team. Karabo shares that she advocates for the empowerment and education of women along with the girl child. It is important to her as it is a passion of hers to encourage lawyers to combine academic achievement at the highest level with hard earned experience and knowledge in representing and advising clients. 

Another advocate in the group was Rethabile Seema. Not only is she an Admitted Advocate of the High Court but she is also a published author and academic. I’m telling you guys, this crop of women are admirably everything we hope to embody and inspire for our community everyday. 

Rethabile holds an LLB degree along with a Maters In Law, for which she graduated Cum Laude from the University of Johannesburg. Her love for academics and constant pursuit for learning and upskilling naturally further led her to enroll for a PhD which she is currently pursuing and is specializing in Mercantile Law. 

Being an avid teacher, Rethabile has previously worked as a lecturer and shares that she had the pleasure of teaching Commercial Law for which is her key focus professionally in practice today. 

It has been an absolute pleasure to play alongside such hard working, inspiring young women and I hope you all are as equally inspired by their journeys as I have been. We look forward to seeing what move they make next, both professionally and socially in their different communities. 

In this moment, I’d like to wish you all well as we continue to adapt, and to re-evaluate our role, in the legal industry and in the work that we all do as the ground shifts due to the current pandemic. As SHE Legal Co we hope that on the other side of all this, we are all here for one another through our values and as people. 

Thank you for all the times you take to follow us, read our articles and interact with our content. Thank you all for your continued support, and I look forward to seeing you all soon. 

Until then, stay safe and lets continue to be inspired here on

A letter of hope and courage from Monyana Tshiamiso K,

Founder of SHE Legal Co. 

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