Lifestyle Tips For Young Lawyers

Along with a constant need for a work/life balance, young lawyers are always trying to figure out what sort of lifestyle an actual lawyer has.

Is it anything like the show SUITS? Boston Legal? Well, if there’s one thing we know for sure is that television over glamorizes just about everything. So before we imagine ourselves in a luxury apartment overlooking the city skyline, let’s dial it down. But of course it’s not say that any of that is unachievable, but that all it does it takes a lot of time to materialize. Being a young lawyers means getting paid far less than you’ve spent in law school but that isn’t anything a little hard work & deduction can’t fix, well… we hope.

The following is merely just to offer a few tips on how to stay afloat, because maybe there is no such thing as a work/life balance but you’ve got to attain the lawyer lifestyle… Because that’s the stuff of legends?!


If you’re going to work overtime, being an overly busy bee make sure that it is worth your while. Order in food, have a meeting over breakfast. Be kind to yourself and well-being.

2. SAVE!

Money is a big aspect of a lifestyle. As soon as possible, start saving money. A smart lawyer is financially savvy.


It is important that you network, but also bring something to the table when you are around people. You’re not always going to be around lawyers only, especially socially… So share some valuable information with mates over drinks.

There isn’t a career out there that gives one the perfect work/life balance lifestyle. Find out what works for you and if you have anymore tips, share along with us.

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