Working from home? Use these tips to stay focused.

Whether you’re working from home, or studying from home it can be very difficult to stay focused and be productive while avoiding the easy distractions around you.

What an office offers us, is a work space to be so wired in because you’re just in a working environment plus someone is always looking over your shoulder. Working from home means that it’s easy to go off course.

You need a great deal of discipline, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you stay focused.

1. Have a dedicated workspace

Creating a space where it feels like you’re being productive means that it will be dedicated to actually being productive and getting all the work done. Once you reach your work station, you’re on the clock and you become focused of completing the tasks.

2. Stay off social media

The thing with taking a break then logging onto social media means that the break is never really 15 minutes. For all you know, 2 hours later you’re so preoccupied that you feel demotivated to even attempt to work/study.

3. Set boundaries

Remember working from home doesn’t mean you have a day off. There is no reason to take a 3 hour lunch break with a friend that you wouldn’t otherwise take had you gone into the office.

You’ve got to be so dedicated to what you’re doing, and have a sense of urgency for the work that you’re doing. We’ve all found ourselves in these positions when we are distracted and letting work pile up because we lacked the discipline. Hope these short, but very effective tips help you improve your days while working from home.

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