How Highly Successful Women Make The Most Of Fridays

It’s finally here: Friday. We have been looking forward to this day since,well… last Friday. You have made it through another week and now, all you need to do is spend these last eight hours of work daydreaming about all of the relaxing you’ll enjoy over the upcoming weekend, right? Not exactly.

Successful women know that Friday is just as important as any other day of the work week—and, they use it to their advantage to ensure that they wrap things up and head into the weekend on the right note. How exactly do they do that? They start by implementing these tips.


Remember when we talked about making the most of Monday? Instead of looking at it as the end of the weekend, you should switch your outlook and view it as the beginning of a brand new week.

A shift in your perspective can also be helpful when aiming to use Friday to your advantage. It’s far too easy to fall into the trap of viewing it as the endcap of the week—it’s a throwaway day of sorts, when you don’t expect to be all that productive.

But, ultimately, Friday is a full day—and, it’s just as much of a workday as any other. So, get yourself out of that vicious cycle of viewing it as a day when you can make a halfhearted attempt at real, productive work. The sooner you can shake that mindset, the more motivated you’ll feel at the end of the week.


Friday might seem like an odd day to start something new. After all, shouldn’t it be a time when you’re wrapping up all of those loose ends from the days prior?

Yes, Friday’s great for that. But, successful women know that it’s also a fitting time to get rolling on a larger project. When it comes to your work week, Friday is typically the quietest day you’re going to get—there are fewer emails, fewer meetings (more on that later!), and often even fewer people in the office.

Use that to your advantage by zoning in on a bigger project you need to start. Chances are, the combination of your quiet surroundings and the knowledge that all of those smaller tasks were taken care of earlier in the week will allow you to have laser focus on the task at hand—meaning you’re sure to make some solid progress.


You know that Friday is a day you’re feeling a little low on motivation to begin with. And, by the time Friday afternoon rolls around? Well, you’re pretty much checked out for the weekend already.

This is why it’s best to make the most of your time on Friday mornings—when your desire to be productive hasn’t quite plummeted to its lowest point.

Those big projects from the step above that you’ve been pushing to the back burner since Monday morning? Start with those right away in the morning, and then save Friday afternoon for more menial and mindless tasks like cleaning out your inbox. Even if your work ethic takes a nosedive after lunch, you can rest assured that you still got some major things accomplished.


Staying chained to your desk all day on a Friday can feel like a rare form of torture—you’d rather be away from your computer or enjoying a friendly conversation with a co-worker.

Fortunately, Friday is the perfect day to escape from the office. But, that doesn’t mean you’re playing hookie. Instead, make Friday the day where you set up a few different out-of-office meetings and briefing sessions.

Whether it’s grabbing a cup of coffee with a client or counsel, or even heading to the outside picnic table to discuss merits of an upcoming court case or law exam with the rest of your team, shaking up your scenery and cutting the tether with your normal workspace is a surefire way to inspire yourself to power through the rest of Friday.


They shut down at 5 pm.

Sure, you might leave the office when the clock strikes 5 p.m. But, I’m sure you can think of plenty of Friday evenings you spent curled up on your couch scrolling through work emails or tying up loose ends on a project.

Successful women know that they deserve a substantial break from the office in order to return feeling recharged and focused—which means they set a firm shut down time (preferably as close to 5 as you can get!) on Fridays.

Kicking yourself out of the office at a reasonable hour will ensure that you get the time off you’ve earned.

We hope these tips can hold us all accountable to how we go about our business in the new year. The year 2020 is truly about being intentional towards our own success.

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