Can You Be A Stylish Female Lawyer & Be Taken Seriously?

BY Reitumetse Legoabe

The law profession is regarded as an old age profession and lawyers are held to the highest regard. Presentation of oneself in the legal community is very important, you have to look presentable, not only for the sake of all the rules but also for your overall reputation and how you may be perceived by your clients.
Very often, the colors which are accepted are black and white. Those types of limitations aren’t going to change anytime soon. But, we are all individuals with very different personalities and should be able to express that through the way we dress. As a lawyer however, you can be stylish but it must be within the confines of what is considered as an acceptable dress code. 

Of course, how you look is not a measure of ones mental capacity to carry out their duties. If you’re the type of woman who is interested in trendy fashion and would like to be able to express that I think you’re at liberty to do so and still very much succeed at the work that you do. Very often, women are generally undermined and when you’re the kind of women who cares about how she looks many people more often than not tend to want to consider you to be far to preoccupied with things either than the work being done. But women are very much multidimensional in that there isn’t a single way to succeed. You can certainly be taken seriously when you look the professional part, while being stylish and also excellent at the work that you do. 

The days of wearing a pants suit and crossing arms in an attempt to look more masculine or be taken more seriously as a lawyer for a photo-op are fast lagging behind us. Female lawyers can look every bit feminine as they desire and still be taken seriously as esteemed members of the profession. 

A lot of the ways law professionals practice will not change for a very long time because things continue to be done like it’s the olden days, but when it comes to small things like how we look… the conversation around this is beginning to be open minded and realistic in that the way women in general are perceived is evolving. So, go on and grab your favorite pair of stilettos and make your case.

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