How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome In Law School

BY Rebaone Mokgopa

It’s a brand new year that presents us with new opportunities. Whether you’re headed to your first year in law school, or you’re returning to continue with your studies, sometimes you may be overwhelmed with everything that goes on. 

In law school you get to meet different types of people and go through different experiences, some which will be very insightful in terms of trying to nurture you for the real world. Over the period of your studies, you will go through times when you wonder if choosing to studying law is truly what’s right for you. This is all a part of our mind trying to convince us that we don’t belong in the legal profession to begin with. Imposter Syndrome can loosely be defined as a feeling of inadequacy. At times, despite all the effort it took to get into law school, or finish a year or successfully pass an assignment, test or exam we may find ourselves questioning the positions we occupy in our career journey or school. For most people self-doubt is an everyday thing, but there are ways we can overcome these thoughts to help us be better at the work that we do at school.

It’s safe to say, that these feelings of incompetence doesn’t just wonder off once you’re done with law school and have qualified, but that many other young lawyers before you continue to experience these issues throughout their careers while and when they start out.

Understand We Are All Imposters 

No one wakes up one day and knows everything there is to know about the law. No one knows what they are capable of until they have gone through every challenge they are met with. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class, or to approach other students to help you. 

Remember There’s Room For Error

Great, so you made it in law school? There will be many, many wrongs along the way and you have to be okay with that. It isn’t an easy fleet to make it into law programs so your spot is validated. But, you have to be open to the fact that you won’t get every single step, test or exam right the first time. What’s important is to learn from our mistakes and keep the long term goals in mind. In law school, surely we are all there to get a law degree but each individual has a goal for themselves, remember yours.

The journey to being a successful lawyer is a long one, always keep this in mind. Wishing you all well with your studies ahead of the new year. This is only the beginning.

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