Balancing Life and Having A Career In Law

BY Reitumetse Legoabe

Having a career in law can be a dream come true for a lot of people, and that can sometimes means that one doesn’t necessarily know how to differentiate between their career and their General everyday life.

When pursuing a career in law it is important to recognize that no two days are the same. Each day presents its own challenges and needs its own thorough planning. Work/life balance is said not to exist for the most part, and that one always overshadows the other, but I am here to share with you a few tips on how to atleast maintain some stability in trying to excel at work and still be able to have energy for a dinner with friends after a long day at the office or in court.

That’s right, intentionally plan to take sometime off to yourself. Often our schedules include everything to do with work but very little to do with ourselves and life. When you plan your week, make it a point to schedule in anything else either than work for yourself to recuperate. 


This requires discipline. Anyone can sit and write down a list of things to do and when to do them but when you cant follow through on actually doing what it takes to find a balance, you may never succeed in having more time for yourself or even for work.

Ensure that you’re doing whatever needs to be done, that way you don’t get lost in the skim of doing too much of work or to little of it and too much life or very little of it.

A career in law means that, whether you’re in school or already working, that there’s class, assignments, cases, consultations and court appearances that always need to happen at a particular time so try to incorporate your life into that. 


Learn when to say no, and when is the right time to say yes and agreeing to be a part of something. This can help you not stretch yourself too thin, and not feel like there isn’t enough of you to go around. If it can wait, then let it wait. When someone asks you to work on a matter/court case of theirs and the timing isn’t right, just be open and set that boundary not only for yourself but for your colleagues as well. 


This is a bit unconventional but yes, a work/life balance doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you are doing one or the other. This is different from taking time for yourself in that, when you take time for yourself that may often mean doing something recreational or personal. But doing nothing means exactly that. 

Do not plan what time you’re leaving for work or dinner, when the fatigue kicks in… REST.


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