How To Successfully Study Law When Studying Law Was Not Your First Choice

BY Khayalethu Zulu

People choose to study law for a different number of reasons, and even though the idea of being a lawyer is seemingly very enticing it’s safe to admit that for some people studying law was not their first choice. It could be societal or family pressure or limited opportunity that push you in the direction of not fulfilling or pursuing your own personal interests. 

Many a times due to historical background and disadvantages a person may be encouraged to study a profession like law which is considered to be highly prestigious and as such can give you a chance at changing your life’s circumstances and improving your disadvantaged lineage. Getting through any university degree is very challenging and pursuing a law degree can be stranious to a young person. Now, imagine having to study law and get through university when your heart is not in to something. Very often times we’ve heard that it’s not everyone who affords the pleasure to study what they are truly passionate about, and we recognize that struggle and try to find a silver lining in trying to motivate someone to see through and finish their degree. 

Life at university requires one to exert a greater level of discipline, and having to successfully complete a law degree means that it may take everything out of you. Look at the opportunity to study law as a stepping stone in achieveing your career goals, and the important thing is knowing that just because you studied law you don’t necessarily have to practice law. Which poses the question, then why even study law at all if you’re not intending on using the degree… but like as mentioned before, people pursue law for a number of reasons. It’s important to stay encouraged. As soon as possible throughout your studies, one should expose themselves to the field of law whether that is through vacation work or volunteering, it is important to familiarize yourself with the work being done by those who have studied and completed.

Putting in the hours and working hard will leave put you in a better position, and grant you success. Having an optimistic outlook on what you’re studying, gives one the inspiration to put in the necessary study hours to be able to succeed. The more reading you do, the better your grades and it will make the experience of law school worthwhile. Be inquisitive, never not question what’s being said. It is important for you to be engaged in the work and ask the necessary questions to make your experience of attaining a law degree better. 

Familiarizing yourself with the many options law has to offer as a career might help impart  survival skills during those long challenging semesters that seem like they won’t end. Understand the world and society around you, as that will better help you understand the role the law plays in our communities. 

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