Youth & Influence: Sinako Bomela

Empowering the youth of South Africa is Sinako’s cornerstone, and the motivator that fuels all of her ambitious plans. She once shared online that it was by faith and not by sight that she applied for a bursary to pursue her masters of law degree which wasn’t being offered by the bursary scheme at the time and she ended up getting it. And that is a testament to the kind of young woman that she is.

27 year old Sinako Bomela had recognized early on in her career while working at the Constitutional Court that she could play a very prominent role in the betterment of the lives of ordinary young women and men in marginalized communities. She planned to do so by making herself visible in society and use the platform afforded to her to improve the lives of those around her. Through her organization Sinako We Can, of which she is the founder and director, she plans to grant access to understanding the law and demystifying its role in society.

Having been featured in numerous interviews we saw it fit to also get the opportunity to get to know Ms Bomela who is not short of any accolades and was awarded a spot on the Top 10 list of the Next Generation Women Leaders Award by McKinsey & Co in 2018. She is also a YALI Alumni, the Young African Leaders Initiative program that features a host of young future innovative leaders in Africa. Sinako was of course earlier in the year also featured in our STORY OF S.H.E list honoring young women in law and entrepreneurship.

Born and bred in Colesberg, a marginalized community at the heart of Northen Cape, Sinako shares that it was her personal acquaintance with injustice at the tender age of six that propelled her to pursue a career in law. She took note of the simple obstacles that people experienced, whether it was an inability to read or write, or the continued challenge of lack of funds, Sinako, from that moment on aspired to be an instrument for change. She wanted the law to be accessible to all people, more so the poor majority in the country.

When we asked about the work that she does through Sinako We Can, she shares that:

Sinako We Can was inspired by my ability to overcome and break barriers.

“Sinako We Can is an empowerment program for passionate aspiring future legal practitioners and social justice advocates. The young people for which the project has catered are visionary, vibrant and faithful to the task of bettering their lives and helping other young people from their community to transform their lives.”

Young people haven’t always had the kind of opportunity that Sinako and her organization is offering and it is worth taking inspiration from her. It is wonderful to see that someone who is still growing her career has such great desire to empower other young people as she goes along. We imagine how formidable it can be to someone’s career to have that type of support and empowerment afforded to you by a strong organization such as this one. Too often certain spaces, much like, the Constitutional Court and the Constitutional Hill, seem far from an attainable goal but through the work that Sinako and Sinako We Can does it is an all inclusive experience for young people in the country.

Sinako notes that having a mentor for herself throughout her own career has meant affirming and steering ones career in the right direction. “Having mentorship has made me realize my potential and led me to want more for myself. Therefore, having realized the importance of mentorship, I started Sinako We Can.” she shares.

With all the mentorship and empowerment it also warrants to ask her what have been some of the challenges of being a woman in law and also a business owner of such an organization. Sinako acknowledges that the legal profession in South Africa tends to be patriarchal and that men occupy dominant positions in the legal professions and within corporate generally.

“Some of the the fundamental challenges being in the patriarchal system is the fact that women still need to prove their worth when entering the workspace as opposed to their male counterparts.”

She notes that the lack of political will when it comes to implementation of policies that try and regress the previous injustices against women is one of the barriers for women across legal and business industries. Noting that within the workspace, women continue to suffer and lack representation at the top positions.

Sinako by her own admission feels very little pressure to succeed as a woman in law and shares that instead she is fueled by having other legal professionals and her mentees look up to her. She mentions that, “I see prospects of further succeeding and surpassing the limits and boundaries for other women that are coming after me.”

She is truly one whose very spirit of tenecity is felt very powerfully through her words, Sinako is without a doubt every bit the inspiring young woman we wish to see often.

With plans to expand Sinako We Can across all of Africa, and expanding the mentorship program to other legal aspirants, particularly women, and grooming these young women into leadership positions within the legal fraternity, it’s no wonder her five year envionsed career is running the organization full time.

Sinako parlays her work ethic as a personal trait as something that truly sets her apart as a working woman. She believes very much that she is strong willed and dertemined, and we all know that is a formidable combination for success.

Sinako Bomela is every bit the young woman that SHE Legal Co seeks to represent, her story leaves us feeling incredibly empowered by her leadership and career advancements. In closing, she shares a wonderful message for young women in South Africa this youth month.. and it reads of encouragement on fighting the system.

We need to stand together and most importantly, we need to believe in ourselves and not give into self doubt. In anything that we do, belief is essential and key. If one has the drive, the determination and belief to match it all, then we are unstoppable as the youth and as young women of South Africa.

Her encouraging words for us all as women to band together are once again a testament to the kind of woman that she is and this is why it makes sense for her to work on such a socially impactful organization all while pursuing her career as a law researcher at the Supreme Court Of Appeal in South Africa.

You can follow more of Sinako and the work that she does on social media platforms @sinakobomela & @sinakowecan.

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