Why Aspirant Lawyers Should Embrace Social Media

By Rebaone Mokgopa

The wave of social media has swept over the media, fashion and advertising industries. People can now grow a following and start making money off of Instagram, and it has changed the way brands communicate with their customers and advanced revenue. The legal industry generally has an old way of doing things and overtime the changes that occur are never industry disruptive. As a young woman in law, you may wonder how you could leverage social media to advance your career.

There’s no denying that social media platforms can be used to reach a wider audience and help you build your network online. Although we see a number of law student youtubers, and instagrammers, who are the most followed are likely using their space for their interests in fashion and beauty, which we love. There are however, YouTuber’s like Eve Cornwell who documents primarily about life as a law student. An aspirant lawyer who may want a representation of their lives reality can connect with that kind of content, and help recognize opportunities.

Embracing social media, whether as a content creator or as part of an audience can help you transfer skills you learn along the way and help zone in on skills when actually practicing law. One can gain confidence and improve communications. And the followers that one may gain, and the engagement on these platforms give rise to working opportunities, advice of study methods and overall connecting with others.

Social media doesn’t have to be a completely different world for you as an aspiring lawyer, sharing your experiences in the day to day practice of law, the journey and its challenges can improve how you communicate with those around, be it at law school or the workplace. Too often who we are in our profession, especially law, doesn’t quite get the personal interests on the same page. It is safe to say, that creating your own network of contacts from online spaces is equally important as making these connections in person. When you have identified your career objectives, or still trying to figure it out you have the network at your finger tips and can easily reach out or share your story.

LinkedIn is the leading professional network social media platform, and people really need to start learning how to leverage it as a working solution for career advancement. No longer can you just create your profile and comeback after a year or two to update on your new job or graduation. Embrace the platform everyday, or often to create the necessary conversations with those online, enquire about career opportunities, find out what else people are studying out of interest that helps them work towards their career goals.

The question may arise, why is it important to embrace social media as a platform to reach out? Well, consider the prospects of someone important needing someone with your skill set to join their practice. Always look at everything with optimism and intention. Law firms are also on social media, trying to not only grow their clients base but also to find new emerging talent. The old conventional way of doing things have changed and up and coming young lawyers need to embrace the change and opportunities.

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