The general consensus is that our freedom and opportunity to have access to the resources that we enjoy today as the youth of South Africa is thanks to the sacrifices made during the plight of apartheid, and that young people, like you and me, back then put their lives at risk to fight racial inequality and oppression.

So, to what extent do we recognize this fortune, is it merely enough to enjoy the freedom afforded to us? Or can we do more with our opportunities in our society? The answer is more, we can always do more. This month, is youth month and as we commemorate the lives and sacrifices of those who came before us, here at SHE Legal Co through our YOUTH & INFLUENCE digital campaign we wish to take it further by also recognizing those who continue to do more with their resources, access and freedom.

Over the last few days, through our social media platforms we have teased and introduced our upcoming online campaign.

Please join us, in getting to know Trishanka Thoolsi who through her love and understanding of animals and the world around us, uses her time as an animal rights activist and who through her legal studies wants to do more than just be any lawyer, but one who seeks to be a voice for the very voiceless and impart change through laws that will protect.

In the following week we get to know Sinako Bomela, who through her own life experience knew that access to justice is what can affect change positively in ordinary South Africans lives. Sinako saw an opportunity to grant access to mentorship to young people through her NPO SinakoWeCan and she shares how she chose to do more with her access to the highest court in our land.

To close off our second annual YOUTH & INFLUENCE campaign, we get an opportunity to hear from Aurelia Nxumalo, who by her own admission is an advocate for happiness and wears many hats. She is a social entrepreneur working to help young girls get access to sanitary towels, and she shares how she plans to impart change through her business as the cofounder of The Professionista.

June also marks our second year in existence as SHE Legal Co. The mission continues to be the same, to build a community of strong women in law who understand that they are multidimensional and continue to bring that narrative to the forefront. That is why it was so important, even with the many challenges along the way, to keep the consistency with this particular campaign.

Thank you very much for your support and engagement, it is the reason why we grow and keep going.

Thank you very much to our guests, Trish, Sinako & Aurelia who took time out of their schedules and agreed to be a part of this. The stories that they share are part of the work being done by each one of them, us and you to positively make a mark in the lives of many other young women in the legal profession and the society at large.

Thank you.


Monyana Tshiamiso

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