Reasons never to apply for a job you’re overqualified for.

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Sometimes you may find yourself in a position to accept a job offer or apply for a job that you may be over qualified for. Whether you’re over qualified in terms of qualifications or experience, it would be a mistake to accept that kind of position.

There are plenty of articles that have been written to assist people on how to prepare their resume when applying for a job they are clearly so over qualified to do, but not that many warn you of the disadvantages of taking that kind of position.

If you’ve worked an internship before, its advisable that you should not take another one else where after that. You may find yourself bored and not growing in your career.
It goes without saying that sometimes we find ourselves in a compromising position to take a job, because you cannot afford to stay home and be unemployed. But, its very different especially in the area of law. If you’ve recently graduated and served your internship, the next progressive step is to look into an opportunity of serving your articles as a candidate attorney if that’s what you’re into.

Even if you intend to only work in corporate and not in practice, the amount of work and extent of knowledge that one has that comes with a law degree or experience really can leave you at a disadvantage when you settle for a job that seemingly doesn’t move you forward and you will be very unhappy in an unfulfilling job in an area you are so qualified in.

If you are lucky to be in a position to step back and wait for the right job, it is advisable to do so. Because, should you end up in a job that doesn’t challenge you and motivate you to work hard the right way, you will even end up doubting if a career in law is what you should have pursued. You may find yourself highly unproductive, which leads to you not even being good at a job you’re overqualified for, and that can really be a daunting thing to go through.

Getting a job you are overqualified for, is a short term solution that may lead to even more problems down the line in your career.

Unless you can be clear on how taking a job that isn’t right for you can be an opportunity to grow your career, you shouldn’t put yourself in that space.

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