How to STOP procrastinating once and for all.

We can all admit to putting work off until ‘another time…’ way to often. But like the saying goes, procrastination is the thief of time. As I write this, I can admit to having put it off for maybe a week, so that I had time to do other things.

So I have an idea, on just how I can best work towards being productive without waiting to long to get some of my work done, and on time.

First of all, it is dreadful to even think about doing the most difficult task first, but it helps. When you keep putting off working on research for a case, or assignment, you’re only giving yourself the added stress that comes with trying to get things done at the very last minute.

Sometimes we can get distracted by small things, like your phone, and getting caught up with checking one message then an hour & a half later Instagram says “you’ve seen all there is to see” on your timeline.

A simple routine helps, and also cut yourself some slack. When you’re now trying to learn a new habit of not wasting time on things, it is important to admit to yourself that there will be times when you’re caught off guard and just forget what you’re actually doing.

Research suggests that it takes about seven to twenty-one days to make something a habit/routine and that it then takes about 90 days to make it a lifestyle.

Whether you’re procrastinating at work, about starting gym or your new business… It will take a while for your mind and body to stick to doing things the same way all the time.

Often, after what I may consider a productive day, I reward myself with an incentive. And lately its been, one episode of This Is Us. For a while now, I haven’t binged watched anything, because I want to get into the habit of making sure that by the time I sit to watch something, I’ve at least gotten some work done. With that said, learn to reward yourself when the work is done. And, because you’ll be looking forward to the reward you’ll work to make sure that the work gets done.

I’ve found that, breaking down a days or even weekly tasks into small chunks helps with how overwhelming trying to get everything done at once can be. Learn to diarize, and always check your diary every morning to see that days tasks and also mark along the lines as the day goes and each takes completed.

A lot off everything that we do as people, its all very mental. In as much as it is easy to talk yourself out of doing a task, you have to learn to pep talk yourself into actually doing the work.

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  1. I love this piece it’s really helpful and beautifully written! I actually do the same exact thing with This Is Us, it’s my favorite TV show and I always reward myself after a long day of school and studying with 1 episode. It really makes me a lot for productive when I have something to look forward to once I get the hard stuff out of the way. P.s If you like This Is Us you should definitely try A Million Little Things it’s amazing!!

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