Fascinating Books For Lawyers And Law Students

One of the personality traits that are said to be important in being a good lawyer is loving to read. Books, even outside your curriculum at law school might lead you to rethink the way you interpret and practice the law.

Today, we are sharing with you good books that can help you in deciding to be a great lawyer. These books might inspire you to work harder at law school so you could be like some of the heroes in these stories.


In this book, you could walk away with great lessons of integrity. The book deals with various social ills that one may face in our world, but it serves to remind of our oath to doing the work of building a justified world. It is a true classic and enjoyable read.

2. LEARNING TO LEAD: What Really Works For Women In Law

This is a positive book to get you through the doubtful times when you aren’t sure about your career path. Should you continue studying law after a hectic year? Should you change career paths when your feeling gloomy? This book shares a part with real women stories and struggles, and might leave you feeling familiar with the challenges faced and help you overcome them.


Having graduated and trying to find your feet in the workplace can take a toll on you. Imagine, right after law school you’re trying to navigate your way around the “real world”, then this is the book for you. The book is packed with wisdom to assist you in finding your place in a big or small law firm.

What are some of your favourite books that have helped you so far in your career journey? Tweet us and share.

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