S.O.S 30: Q & A with Beverly Beal

Beverly Ann Beal Jr.

On her blog, LifeInBeverlyHeels.com she describes herself as a Detriot native and currently based in Washington, DC. I first came across Beverly Beal in a powerful article after she openly & publicly shared her struggle with Chron’s Disease. I found it rather empowering that she could share that intimate part of her life. In this interview with Beverly, it comes as no surprise that with her words I felt a sense of inspiration, and its without a doubt that she obviously made it onto our list this year of STORY OF S.H.E #SOS30 https://shelegalco.com/2019/01/14/part-ii-story-of-s-h-e-sos30/

Her story and career journey is a great highlight for the kind of work that this blog seeks to bring to the forefront. My job with this site is to bring this the narrative of the working women in law, the students, and entrepreneurs to the forefront.

And so meet Beverly, a focused & inspirational Attorney, Lingerie Designer and Fashion Blogger.

1. Tell us more about yourself (Background, age, what you do now)

B: I was born and raised in Detroit, left for school to attend Clark Atlanta University I graduated a year early, and for whatever reason I was very excited to get to law school. I went to John Marshall Law School soon after. I worked at my mentor’s firm in Atlanta for a bit. Then I decided to try something new and headed to New York. While there I’ve been working as a corporate attorney for companies like Procter & Gamble and Verizon Wireless. While maneuvering my way through the legal world I also found time to start my own fashion blog called Life in Beverly Heels.

2. How did you go about deciding to pursue a career in law?

B: I was one of the weird and way too serious kids (lol), that at an early age I knew I wanted to become a lawyer. It became more real once I attended high school, I interned with my mentor and set off to college and became a political science major with a minor in English. I decided to start college courses early so I went to summer school and went to school all year around for 3 years and finished a year early. After completing my bachelor’s I went straight to law school.

3. How did you come up with the idea to become a lifestyle blogger and also establishing an intimate wear line?

B: I didn’t at all come up with the idea it just came to me, and thank goodness it did. I was finishing law school and like most, I needed an outlet. I’ve always loved fashion so, after researching ideas on how to get involved in the fashion community, the idea of blogging popped up and the rest was history.

4. What are some of the challenges of being a lawyer & a business owner, while keeping up a lifestyle and fashion blog?

B: Time is the biggest challenge. Every single minute of the day has to be set aside for each thing. I am huge on organizing, my days are planned out completely. Another challenge I have is setting boundaries for each. I try to run my business like any other owner would but unlike them I have another code of ethics to uphold as a lawyer. Also for my blog I like to express myself of course but I put a limit on that as well because I know I am apart of the legal community as well as the blogging one.

5. In your country, what would would say are some of the barriers across both legal and business sectors for women?

B: I think this country (USA) is getting increasingly better and more aware but we absolutely need to equal the pay in this country and many others. The barriers for women in any sector legal or not, the majority problem is that we are not getting the same as our counterparts.

6. How do you cope with the pressures to succeed as a female lawyer and a black woman in law, at that?

B: The pressure to be 10 times better then the woman or man to the left and right of me. I’ve had positions, where I have been the youngest, only black, and only female for an entire division and it was nothing but pressure. But the reward is like no other feeling, yes I made mistakes but the wins I did experience felt amazing.

7. How do you see your career (whether just as a lawyer or entrepreneur) evolving in the next five (5) years?

B: It’s been quite a task but I am working on weaving everything together. I see myself in the next 5 years running my own law firm, where I am helping other business owners, and business bloggers. I want to continue to do them all and show others how to as well. My grandmother always told me to do something I love, to do something that makes me money, and to do something for my community.

8. What personal traits do you think set you apart as a working woman?

B: I do indeed believe I have traits that have helped me this far, but saying that they set me apart from other women I couldn’t at all agree with . I think working women are the strongest people on the planet. We all possess traits that makes us powerful. It’s never in my character to try to separate myself from the next woman, I am proud to be apart of such an amazing community. The traits I do feel that have brought me to where I am today, is staying steadfast and organize. I never gave up after 100’s of no’s and in that mean time while I was getting all the no’s, I stayed organized with all my other goals. If one didn’t work out I went on to the next and eventually came back for them all. I trust God’s timing all the way.

9. How can people keep up with the work that you do, and get in touch with you?


Instagram: @lifeinbeverlyheels

Twitter: @lifeinbevheels

Facebook: Life In Beverly Heels

Her words to live by… Whatever it takes, just keep going.


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