How To Be Productive In The Beginning Of The New Year.

image by realautomators

At this point, most people have returned back to work, and trying to resume to regular programming. After the long festive holidays, it can be very difficult to get yourself out of the funk and to be productive. Besides still getting the date wrong on all your documents, 2018  the mind and body itself, might still be on holiday, the hours of the days seem to drag on a little longer than usual, and the morning are so dreadful.

So, in an attempt to motivate you to try get back on track, we’ve listed a few simple steps to take that can keep you going for the rest of January.

  1. BUY NEW STATIONARY: Honestly, buying new pens, pencils, notebooks & diaries that are bright, beautiful might get you excited to start organizing your schedule. Throw out all the old stuff that seems to be cluttering your space. This will get you to start writing notes of what you need to do, and fill in your physical calendar.
  2. MAKE A VISION-BOARD: While clearing out your stationary, create a clear vision for what you are hoping to achieve this year. With your new stationary, make a list of your goals then go on to collect pictures and artifacts that resemble all of that. Put it all together on a chart, or whichever creative way you can think of and make your vision-board. Put it some place where you can see it everyday. You could take a picture of the actual chart/board then save it as your wallpaper on your phone. That way, if you cant put your vision-board anywhere in your office space, you can always have it with you on your phone.
  3. STOCK UP ON COFFEE/SNACKS: Well, coffee is known to be the ultimate booster for anyone having a long day. Always keep some in your office. And well, snacks can be an incentive. Look at it this way, always keep in mind that with every drafted document, or completed task you can reward yourself with a snack of your choice. Also, always keep snacks in & on your desk or work space so that you don’t have to walk out to buy them or get them in the staff kitchen. That alone, can be distracting cause once once you get back you might lose your concentration on the work that you were doing.
  4. PREPARE A PLAYLIST: Who doesn’t enjoying the soothing sounds of jazz, or whichever genre that you may be into, playing in the background while you work. While your mind still hasn’t forgotten all the festive music, it is important to not listen to distracting music, or that your music isn’t distracting to your co-workers, so grab your headphones, press play and start working.
  5. HAVE A PARTNER: Granted, not everyone is into having work/office buddies but it might be nice to have someone in your corner. You aren’t the only one struggling with getting back into the swing of things, so if you have someone who constantly works along side you & reminds you that you both have a target, you then have someone to lean on instead of a boss you cannot account to, when the documents aren’t drafted in time. It is nice to have someone who understands your struggle, but equally want to see you progess through these tough few weeks, so try having a partner.

Try it out, and share with us how you’re coping with New Year fatigue.


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