Welcome to 2019: Founders Note


Hello there!

It brings me great joy to welcome all our readers to SHE Legal Co in 2019. As expressed on social media late last year, I had to take a hiatus from creating content on the blog site. It was unfortunate as that feels like it hindered the progress and the work that had been put into the site.

But, this is a new year… I am holding my head up high, feeling optimistic, and giving it all Ive got. This year, you can all expect to see the blog grow as a company as Ive decided to change the course of how I will go about laying the foundation for the blogs growth.

I started this blog for the purposes of reaching more women, like myself who are trying to navigate a career in law while pursuing other entrepreneurial interests. This year, I plan to elevate that online experience for us all, I want to create an actively engaged community of fearless young women taking their place in a male-dominated industry. In as much as I understand the global world of being an online company & blog site, I know the reach is wider than where I stand.

This year, the stories of the young women will lay the foundation and shape this company into what the women need it to be, I believe in giving each one of you the platform and encouraging you all to use it as your own.

Our new page, STORY OF SHE, introduces our nod playfully named the #SOS30 list of young influential women who are actively working in their spaces, growing their careers and breaking boundaries. I hope to see this list as an annual view of who to “look out for” at the beginning of each year. I truly hope this list is viewed more as an aspirational and motivational list, and not a competitive one. In my view, when we see our peers progressing and working hard, that will hopefully push us all to the best of our abilities. Hopefully as the blog grows, the list can be divided into a number of categorizes as so to include a wider spectrum of women in law who are doing very many different things in other industries as well.

There is a lot we can all look forward to this year, and I look forward to successfully executing all these plans, and most importantly connecting with you all.

Once again, thank you all for your time and consideration in reading this blog, interacting on social media and sharing your story.

Happy New Year

xo, Monyana Tshiamiso.









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