Guiding Principles for Women Working in Law

Being a working woman in today’s world can be very confusing. Not because women don’t have what it takes, but because women generally have to work twice as hard to get half the recognition.

To quote Charlotte Whitton…

Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.

It is with this reason we believe that there are principles that are there to help guide us through our careers. Far more, it is important to identify the fact that the principles that guided working women in the past or in other industries are vastly different from the guiding principles that women today, and women working in law have as attributes to success.

Overtime, a blueprint has been developed on how to navigate a successful career and thus was done through trail and error, and there’s room for improvement in the work being dine to advance women’s opportunities in law and in business.

1. Be passionate

Law is an equally frustrating as it is fulfilling as a career choice. And what gets you from frustration to fulfillment is passion. You have to exhibit something more than the next person, and passions are derived to each of us with different reasons. We all come to the law profession but all hope to achieve different things and pursue other avenues.

This kind if enthusiasm means, through the challenges you can show commitment. Even those working with you and around you can identify that skill of passion within you.

2. Know Yourself

There are many areas to specialise in, in law. But knowing who you are and what you can handle and what you’re good at is part of what sets you apart.

Have strong values that guide your life, and your work. Be aware of how you personally fit into an organizational structure and how that can work for you.

3. Be Responsible

Accountability is important for the working woman. There are many challenges that come with working in law, and many mistakes along the way. One needs to be held accountable for their part in the role they play in their work or overall career.

Missed work opportunities for example, mean that you can not blame anyone else for you having your head in the sand.

4. Be Self- Motivated

You need absolute faith in yourself to feel motivated and empowered in the work that you do and in the contributions you can make to any working team.

Your ability to push yourself hard enough to get the job done means you are able to work without hesitation. Which is important bin the legal field.

In conclusion: The overall guiding principles for women working in law ate in line with them constantly working to push themselves hard enough to take their rightful place in the profession.

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