Editors Note: Women, And Her Right To Be.

Commemoration of a prestige historic moment to me, means the chance to honor history. By honoring history, we always need to learn from it. Occasions like National Women’s Month in South Africa give a chance to address everyday issues on a larger scale, women from all corners of the country come together for a historic cause.

There is still so much history yet to be made, so many changes yet to happen in the country since 1956.

Drawing inspiration from history means we are aware of what it takes to bring about change.

Today, we know that us being women doesn’t at all inhibit us from being free and successful, but that in fact, it is the reason for which we thrive.

A few months ago, women all over the world, enjoyed International Women’s Day on March 8th, following which we heard of Professor Mona, the first Arab woman to be appointed a dean at a Hebrew University.

Or, where tribal women in Pakistani got to vote for the very first time and Saudi Arabia women getting to be allowed to drive for the first time.

Law & justice continue to be the flow to which we can achieve social cohesion, but the law is sometimes the very tool we need to fight against to get our freedom, same way the women of 1956 protested against pass laws.

Prejudice & Patriarchy often dictate what it thinks is right for women, but time and time again women from all works of life have stood the test of time to prove that they can by all means hold their own ground and bring about positive change and contribution to the world.

More recently, in South Africa Kgothatso Motjane, top ranked women’s wheelchair tennis player, made her first appearance at Wimbledon.

Even more recently, a woman I admire very much has been honoured by the Netherlands Consulate, for being amongst on the annual #InspiringFifty list. Sam N. Ngcolomba, is a woman who’s journey has been wilding told and we look forward to sharing more of it with you during this women’s month. A lawyer, a leader, and innovator Sam is what mam’Bertha, mam’Sisula and all those who stood their ground firmly on August 9th fought for.

I mention all these because, its young girls who had to protest freedom to express their blackness with their hair back in 2016, its the women who stood together today for the #TotalShutdown walk against women abuse and many others who work in different communities who bring about change to their own lives and many others, these are the women who have taken the baton.

Rightfully so, women in their own right, prescribe to continue to rewrite history. Women will be the ones to honor this world with positive change.

This women’s month, we hope you are inspired to always be more, and do more. This month also includes International Youth Day and World Humanitarian Day. Be impactful, we have every right to be obsessed with the women we wish to become, and the change we wish to see. Our struggle is not undefined.

Monyana Tshiamiso,

Founder, SLC.

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