Our Favourite Fictional TV Female Lawyers

Growing up watching television means we sometimes et to see different characters that may inspire us to do the work that they are acting out. Even though, a lot of t.v series are dramatic in their portrait of what it means to be a lawyer, it is nonetheless captivating to watch. And over time, we’ve come to love our television characters so much that we tend to dress like them, be confident and hard working like them.

So today, we share a list our personal favourite female television characters.

Rachel Zane (Suits): We all quickly fell in love with the pretty paralegal when SUITS first aired on television. She was the very sweet & professional worker at the law firm, who like most of us would love to complete her studies to officially make it as a lawyer.

Rachel, was someone everyone at Pearson Spector Lift (law firm) could always relay on. She was stylish, relatable, and definitely smart. She even bagged herself a prince, lol.

Annalise Keating (How Do Get Away With Murder) : Fierce, powerful Ms Keating. She is exactly who we all aspire to be, solution driven and always ready to get work done.

Annalise is a self sufficient and confident woman, not short of her own problems. But we know no one is perfect, but when it came to her work she established herself and her firm as respectable and dependable.

She doubles as a lawyer and a criminal law professor, proving once again that you don’t have to be just one thing. She is an inspiring character.

Kate Reed (Fairly Legal): Loved everything about Kate, whose transition from Lawyer to mediator is so admirable. She finds herself torn between how aggressive it can be to be a lawyer and her ethics, so she finds a suitable way to stay in the profession but in a less mainstream way of fighting in court.

Kate was one with a great sense of humour and style, and never let what anyone had to say cloud her judgement.

She was independent and strong willed and that’s what we loved the most about her.

Donna Paulsen (SUITS): Okay, not a lawyer. But maybe the best legal assistant of all time. Donna is a woman in law, so she makes it onto our list because she was maybe the most effective and efficient person to watch and work with.

Donna knew everything, before Harvey even knew he needed something, she always kept the ball rolling. She is the ultimate team player, she is the person to have in your corner.

Joan Clayton (Girlfriends): She was everyone’s favourite girlfriend for the longest time. Career-driven Joan was so relatable back in the day, she worked hard and partied hard, and quite disciplined.

Always working towards making partner at her law firm to trying to keep a balance with friends and even dating, Joan was the girl next door we all loved to see ourselves grow up to become.

Who are some of your favourite female lawyer characters? Tweet us and let us know.

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