How Successful Women Take On Monday

Monday blues are a real thing, and so no one actually looks forward to the end of a good relaxing weekend and to charge forward a new week. But when you can develop certain habits, it all becomes relatively bearable to wake up early Monday morning and tackle your week like a boss.

In the world, certain personal characteristics set people apart, same as the developed traits. So there are woman in the world who have succeeded in making the most of the dreadful Monday morning and thus putting them ahead of the pack and helps have a successful work week.


Be prepared, on Sunday afternoon successful women take time to organize all there is ahead of Monday. Go through your diary from the week before, check for any task that wasn’t completed, fit it into your schedule to be completed as early as Monday morning. From there on, diarize and organize tasks necessary for the week ahead. Schedule briefing with clients ahead of time, confirm cases.


On a Monday morning rush, avoid your cellphone for as long as possible, until you’re able to settle in at work. Successful women know the importance of not clouding their mind with all the information at your finger tips. Social media can wait. The news can wait. When you wake up, do everything else except check your phone for messages. Meditate, read a chapter in a book. Travel to work, then once you’ve settled at work and know what’s the order of the day, check for any urgent messages, interdicts or emails.


This goes without saying, even though we understand how difficult it can be to stick to a clean eating plan, we know work stress sometimes means snacking through all the work. But, what you eat and drink throughout your work week helps you in terms of avoiding fatigue and stress. When you eat well, your brain functions better, and that means you are more likely to be productive on a Monday morning. Also, keep healthy snacks on your table or in your bag, close enough to you so that you don’t have to get up to go get snacks from somewhere else, this is just distracting and wastes time that could be spent drafting summons.


This goes without saying, you really need to be tolerant of the work that you do. That’s how successful women do it, because no one finds themselves as a successful lawyer without being completely in love with the work that they do. There are many facets to working in law, you can work with criminal law, commercial law, divorcees or whatever it is you choose, but most importantly it has to be something you love, so that when you work on it, you easily give it a hundred percent of yourself and thus making you most likely to succeed at what you do.

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