YOUTH & INFLUENCE: Anele Nzimande

A few years ago, while watching One Day Leader I was inspired by the young women on the platform. And thanks to social media, I was able to keep up with what they were doing thereafter and their journeys following the show were nothing short of inspiring. One such lady is Anele Nzimande, she recently graduated with a law degree from Wits University, she is a fashion entrepreneur, television producer and a thought leader in her own right.

Anele, having been someone that’s influenced me personally and inspired so many other young people, was a no brainer when I needed to interview her, it was an opportunity I had excitedly been looking forward too and I was honored that with everything she has going on day to day, she made time to speak to us…

Where she is from… Anele was born in Durban, a coastal city in eastern South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province. She lived there for 18years with her family of four, before moving and going to school in Johannesburg.

Anele shares that she is someone that is passionate about the law, fashion and writing.

Right away, one wonders about the experience of being on a television show like SABC’s One Day Leader.

On how the show influenced her career… It is definitely one of the reason why she currently works in media, as a television content producer. “TV is a great way to connect and communicate with people” she says of her experience in that industry. Anele mentions that she has since had a chance to work on social justice issues that include but not limited to teenage pregnancy, youth unemployment, entrepreneurship and leadership. She says that this helped her through her own challenges and that it has laid great valuable foundation for the woman she is today.

On her reasons for choosing to study law… She pursued law for a number of reasons, but mainly because she needed something that would teach her more about how the world works and how she can bring about the necessary changes to make the world a better place.

Anele is a young woman with a variety of jobs, and is always extending herself in society to do more, she is also the co-creator of a blog called The Don Movement.

Here she shares how the blog came about… It is the brainchild of both herself and fellow One Day Leader contestant, Bongekile Radebe. “The blog seeks to celebrate individuals who are trailblazers in their fields but is also a space where both she and I are able to document our journeys as a way that can inspire others” she says of the purpose of the blog.

Ms Nzimande is honestly the epitome of a multidimensional young women we like to highlight here on our site, she is also currently the Public Relations manager for a new app called Khwela App, a South African mobile app developed to assist taxi commuters by giving them the information of their nearest taxi rank.

When we asked about how she manages everything… Anele reiterates that apps help her out a lot in managing her everyday work. She mentions that she keeps a journal which keeps vision for every project that she takes on. It is important that she doesn’t forget anything and that she records meetings and deadlines.

We honestly Stan an organized queen, we all always wonder how people are able to take on all the work that they do and we learn from young women like Anele that it takes a great deal of discipline, dedication and drive.

On what drives her as an entrepreneur… she mentions a great desire to build a legacy. “I want to demonstrate what’s possible if you have the courage to begin and the patience to endure.”

Thank you so much to Anele for her inspiring words, sharing her story with us. We are indeed encouraged to be more and do more.


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  1. Fantastic young lady indeed! Just read her very short but extremely rich article from “Robert Mangaliso Sobikwe new reflections ” and I wanted to know more about this prolific young lady. We want to invite her to our school Makabelane Technical High School in Qwaqwa. Do you mind providing us with her contact details? Of course after this Covid 19 has subsided. She can really be a source of inspiration to all our female educators in our district and our girl teenagers! Grace!


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