Part III: A.B.C to Longevity

To have a long and successful career over a period of time requires a number of things. This is part 3 of our alphabetical insides on what it takes to make it as a millennial.

M… Makes Mistakes. Even though some won’t always be intentional, there will be plenty along your way so get used to it and learn from them. You have to understand the types of mistakes you’re making so that you can take positively from them and not repeat them.

N… Numbers. Take down numbers and names, always network. Operating this way gives you room to grow in more ways than one. People around you will be the people you might up end most of your career arguing against but mainly growing alongside them.

O… Open-minded. Any gun can shoot, literally. But for the most part, remember that to have a successful career you have to be open minded to the possibility of change, whether this in the work place or general career route.

P… Patience. You need this on the long trial days, you need this skill on slow business days. Learn to have patience.

Q… As in queue, get in line. In as much as we are encouraged to be steadfast in fighting for our spot in the corporate space, also have the patience to wait your turn. When an opportunity is aligned to you, there isn’t anyone that can take it from you. So while you work hard, remember to wait for the right opportunity to grow your career.

R… Rules? Break them, don’t break them. Rules differ, rules of the court are to be abided by, respected and known while rules of the game are meant to be broken. The game being your career. You don’t have to follow a set of particular rules on how you go about pursuing your interests. Just as long as you keep everything legal.

S… Seniors. Respect them, learn from them.

T… Think. Always apply your thought beyond what is expected of you in the work place. Think about ways to assert yourself in the work that you do. That will set you apart and put you ahead of the pack.

U… As in you. You are all you’ve got. Of course there’s networking, team building and all those other things. But please remember, no one has your best interests at heart for your career and life like you do. You are your best bet.

V… Volume. The volume of work you take on determines your race. Pace yourself so that you do not burn out.

W… Wisdom. We all think we are a little wiser than the next. Wisdom is not some know-how we can find in a textbook, this is gained through life’s experiences. So open up to being more wiser through better lived life’s experiences.

X… Solve for x. Be solution driven, always try find the answer to whatever questions thrown at you. Let the “I don’t know” turn into “I’ll get back to you on that one” and go on to try find a solution to the problem.

Y… Always ask Why? Why do you want certain things for you career? Why not serve the opponents? Why not make the move? If you’re not chosen for a case, ask why? Then work hard enough to be chosen next time.

Z… Rest. Sleep. The youth of today must do away with the idea that taking time to rest and reset means you aren’t working hard enough. Take time to clear your mind, this makes you more productive in the long run

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