FIVE Career Moves To Make In Your 20s

First of all, no one person has it all figured out. Not someone in their 30s, right down to someone in their 50s, let alone someone as young as you are. Its so important to free ourselves from the idea that we must have things figured out before a particular time that we’ve set for our careers and life.

The youth today, has a great need for instant gratification, but we don’t understand that these are the times to put things into perspective and give yourself room to make mistakes. No one ever advises us to screwup, but today we are here to tell you that its okay to change your mind, and always change it again until we find even the slightest contentment in what we are doing. We have to work on finding fulfillment in the work that we do, and that happens over time. Studies show that people who have meaning in life and their career, that they’re more resilient, they do better in school or at work. And they even live longer. So, bonus.

Get To Networking

As soon as you can, establish a network of people who you can learn from, who you can work with in the future. Networking not only means having a long emailing list, but it involves following up on the connections you make. Expand your network, don’t just focus on people who are in the legal industry. Expose yourself to more, government networks, student representative councils, or explore your other passions. Make sure, that when the time comes to work, people know your name and your work.


No one really wants to work for free. We understand, but not only does this give you the necessary work experience, it also helps you with improving your skills. On the other hand, people who you will be working with while you volunteer will be familiar with how you work and this in turn can open a work of opportunity to you. You can volunteer at a Community Law Centre, or a charity that has absolutely nothing to do with law, like a feeding scheme. Anything, whatever, you’re in your 20s, why not expose yourself to all the other aspects of life?


Wait, what? But yes. Quit your lame job at a retail store, or brand promoting during weekends. Quit your internship for another one. Take the risks, quit your law major from commercial to criminal law. Whatever it maybe, for as long as it isn’t giving you the necessary career fulfillment you thought it might give you, quit it. You still have time to start over and build on something worth your time and passion. There are so many aspects to the law you can choose from, and you are allowed to change your mind about where you’ll go with your law degree.

Make Mistakes

Don’t avoid criticism. Don’t be afraid to fail. Mistakes give us room to grow, we can learn from them. But how we go about failing should be what sets us apart, we must fail forward. Take pride in the mistakes that you make, and always look for the lesson in everything you do.

Seek Advice

Never stop learning. Someone, somewhere has been through what you are going through. And you need to ask, what would they do in your shoes or position. Before you make career changes, talk to the people in your network about what they think is the best option, knowledge comes from communicating. Also, research! Don’t be lazy, read up on what your options are, so that when you approach someone to give you advice, they know you are clued up on what exactly it is that you asking of them.

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