How to deal with being the youngest in the office

Because you’re young, there are so many rules about what you can and can not do. There are many things expected of you in your life and in the workplace.

At work, you are coming fresh from a textbook at varsity to finding your way around in the office. You might have just joined one of the big law firms or the small to medium firm, but whatever it may be you find that you are the newest addition and also the youngest one.

What does being young mean, when you finally feel grown in your work attire, and finally have a job in the law firm of your dreams but everyone else still sees you as the young person and treats you that way? Being a young adult, you may think that you’ve got a lot of things under control but you must always remember to make room for all the others things you can learn.

In the workplace, there are rules to follow. You want to respect those rules while you make yourself familiar with the place and the work that you do. These include; dressing professionally and maybe minding your language.

There are also ways the people who have been around longer will behave. Take caution to this, watch what they do, when they do it and try not to step on anyone’s toes without suppressing the way you go about in the office.

It is important to build meaningful relationships in the office, not necessarily friendships. But, people who you can trust when you need help on how things work and you should also be dependable. You should maybe offer a hand when one of the seniors asks, this will show your willingness to work and they can in turn trust you with more responsibilities in the future. It is so important to learn to be assertive, to do what you can to go beyond what’s expected of you. People must know that you are young but you can get the job done, that increases your chances at a healthy working environment. Then your managers or supervisors can tell that you’re one to watch, and not just the young one. Use your ‘being young’ energy to your advantage, be early, be engaged, have a willingness to learn.

I wanted this article piece to be more than just how to deal with the work place, its more about what you can do as a young person to lay a good foundation for yourself in the work place. Be confident.

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