Could Law School Blogging be Essential for Entrepreneurship?

Law school is already stressful as it is, who needs added work like blogging?

Or perhaps you’re thinking, all I want to do is be a lawyer and that you don’t have an interest in anything else. Well, there are many ways to go about it.

Over 10 years ago, only people who studied journalism and were writers by profession got the opportunity to work with publications. These days, things are different. Blogging has taken over the world as one of the chosen mediums to build brands and start your own thing.

Top law blogs in the world include, theLawyerist and The Careerist. Those are mainly aimed at people who have already established themselves as lawyers and law firm owners. But what about the students? Of course there are many sites with school material to help you be better equipped with sharing notes and tips, but nothing that truly highlights that law students really have other interests.

Starting a blog is easy, maintaining it with constant information to share and engage is a different ball game. Some of you are thinking, why wouldn’t I just pursue my other interests and forget my law degree or that what’s the point of your law degree if you plan to pursue other interests instead of using it.

Well, we can tell you that a law degree and what you learn from law school can come in handy in many ways.

As a law student, you actually don’t need a perfect plan for your blog. Whether that’s a blog about life as a law student, or food you love to eat, poetry you like to write, clothes you like to wear. Blogs allow students to create and share.

If you decide to share what you are learning, the specific area of law that interests you may interest some other students. And when you are truly passionate about something and it resonates with other people, it is bound to be a success. And what you do with that success is entirely up to you.

Blogging allows for the development of voices and creates endless opportunities when done right. In South Africa, there aren’t many blogs of that nature, which suggests that there’s room to grow in that space. Blogging and influencer marketing is it far behind here than in other parts of the world.

So, establish what it is you are passionate about, and share what you are learning about it and you could be surprised at the amount of people who needed to exist in a space like yours.

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