PART II: The A.B.C’s for millennials. – S.H.E LEGAL Co.

Part one filled with tips and truths about going into practice as a millennial, dawned with a few mistakes not to make and insights was posted here:

Part two, follows here and includes more about how you can work to have a long spanning career in the legal field. Young people often want instant gratification, they want success now and they don’t realize that everything develops overtime, you have to put in the work over a period of time to really be successful.

G… Gestures, you will often find that in the profession of being a lawyer you will need toll learn about the habits of those around, see what they like and offer them something similar. This creates a sense of familiarity with those you work with.

H… Humble; this goes without saying. Always humble yourself in the work environment. Humility is something one needs in the legal profession because one day you win and on some days you don’t, so you have to take it in stride and learn from it and one can only do that if they don’t have a ‘big head’ about what they do. Rule: Never underestimate the opposing council.

I… Indifferent, don’t be indifferent to opportunities that make come your way. Approach every case with an open mind.

J… Justice. Essentially why we all pursue a career in law, to bring about justice to the world. Never lose sight of this.

K… Knowledge. Having knowledge goes beyond what is in our law text book, law articles. Seek knowledge outside a legal opinion and see his that advances you capacity to be analytical.

L… Learn. Make sure you do this everyday, if you don’t you will get left behind by your peers. There’s always an upgraded law, or a new law out into place learn these and familiarize yourself with what’s out there.

Part three will be available next week. Take what we’ve already mentioned into consideration and simply apply these to your everyday career goals to better enhance your experience navigating your way in the legal industry.

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