Law Graduates, here’s a secret on how to land a job.

It’s one of the happiest moments of your life: that moment when you walk across the stage to receive your law degree. Graduating is amazing – and petrifying.

Once you’re thrown into the “real world,” there are new problems to face and new hurdles to climb, and landing a job often feels like the hardest one.

So here’s our suggestions to help you navigate from the gates of university to the doors of a law firm.

1. Be open-minded
It is important to keep an open mind on your job search – especially when it comes to looking into different industries and different-sized companies. A lot can be done with a law degree, you can target the larger firms or the small to medium law firms where you can grow in a more intimate space.

Of course with an LLB in your hands you hope to start articles or join the bar, but when such opportunities fall short you have to consider working in government, or state-owned enterprises. Keep an open mind, to being anything with that degree in your hands. Do not limit yourself by thinking there’s only one way to progress in the legal industry.

2. Find a mentor

Its maybe one of the hardest things to find someone who has time to mentor you. But we think it’s vital for professional growth (especially as a recent grad) to have someone who’s been in your shoes to give you guidance and advice. Remember to have mentors for different types of things you might need help with!

3. Own Your Experiences

Some of the requirement from these vacancy advertisements can seem out of reach for someone coming right out of university. Even though you don’t have 10 (or even 5!) years of work experience, we are sure there are certainly valuable skills and lessons you picked up along the way (and even in high school).
Also, insider tip: When you see a job that says “requires 1-3 years’ experience,” apply! This is just business lingo for “entry-level.”

4. Be Thankful

Say you had volunteerd at a law firm, send thank you notes. Thank you notes show the hiring manager that you appreciate their time, and, it’s an opportunity to remind them of what makes you a good fit for the role.

5. Seek Out Learning Opportunities
As a new graduate on the job hunt, you should be looking for opportunities to learn: through meetups, webinars, and more. Use this time to research workshops and take classes to gain new skills or improve on the ones you have. Or join pages on Facebook, like Lawyers Rule!

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