What does being young mean to me? What does being young mean in South Africa?

It is officially “Youth Month” in South Africa, a commemoration to the youth of 1976. For me, for us… It is both that, and more. It marks a year since SHE Legal Co as a blog site came to life.

I wanted to create a space that fostered a meaningful community for young women. After over 24 years of democracy, I had that freedom to create a space for young women, a space to come together and be inspired. I always wanted to work on something that was more and went beyond just my own personal aspirations. So, the journey had to be harnessed over years and now here we are, a year later and growing and influenced by so many things that make up the lives of young women in this country.

As we take the time to celebrate our first year, through all the challenges and growth… I found it fitting to share stories of women who I personally identified as the kind of millennials for which this site was created for.

Meet Mimi Mvakali, Refiloe Mofokeng and Anele Nzimande.

I had been following each one of them for a period of time, and had no doubt that when this prestigious occasion came, to highlight the work we are trying to do that I would approach them for a feature.

What do all these young inspiring women have in common? Well… They are relatable. In every sense of the word. They embody exactly what we stand for, and the narrative we are trying to bring to the forefront.

It is so important to recognize young people doing well, but twice as important to highlight the work being done by young women in particular. And now, there’s a place on the internet that celebrates women’s brains and brings to light the amazing work being done by them.

We, are excited for what’s to come. All of Africa awaits, there are still so many inspiring stories about women and their own narratives that we encourage us all to live better and do more with ours careers.

I would like to take a moment to thank the phenomenal women, Mimi, Refiloe & Anele who did not once hesitate to share their stories with us. I am deeply grateful for your time and effort in this regard.

Throughout this month of June, our site will commemorate the youth of 1976, highlight the achievement of the youth of today and create inspiring content to assist us be better lawyers, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Thank you to each person, who joins us on this journey as we change the narrative for the African woman.

Monyana Tshiamiso;

Founder & Director: SHE Legal Co (Pty) Ltd

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