Top 5 inspiring accounts to follow

This month is themed, “Youth & Influence” on our site. We have worked to identify the things that make up what a lot of us are exposed to and trying to achieve.

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time scrolling through our different social media timelines, so now why not follow accounts that make it worth while?

That is why we know, that its doesn’t take just one platform like our own to bring you inspiration and influence. There are many other platforms by other young women that were created to mentor, inspire and positively influence the youth of South Africa. So here, we took the liberty to list them down for you.

These are our top 5 picks this month, to follow:

1. @SinakoWeCan: A vehicle for change with an objective to build the confidence of professionals and make their aspirations achievable.

Ever wanted to take a tour of the highest court in the land? Well, SinakoWeCan through its tours and mentorship programs give young people to do just that. So, we suggest you sign up to one of their tours and follow them on Twitter for more information. Check out #SinakoWeCan (@SinakoWeCan):

2. @ForWomenInLaw: Resolved on empowering women within the legal profession through conscious conversations, connecting and inspiring.

There is enough room for all of us at the table. What we love the most, is a platform that empowers women in law. On their site, you can find inspiring interviews with female lawyers who are paving their way in their careers. Check out For Women in Law (@ForWomenInLaw):

3. @Karabo_Mokgoko : Describing herself as a “Positive Only” zone, that’s all the reason you need to follow her. Who is she? A women in law and a brand influencer. With over 1.5 million followers of Twitter alone, she is obviously a force to be reckoned with. On her timeline you can enjoy #MondayMotivation whereby she serves with inspiration to get your week started off the right way. If you aren’t already following her,Check out Karabo Mokgoko ๐Ÿฆ„ (@Karabo_Mokgoko):

4. @htslaws: How To Survive Law School. Assisting law students to successfully navigate through law school.

Who has ever felt like they needed a support group just to get through a semester at law school? All of us. And now its available on Facebook & Instagram.

5. @SlayNationSA: A platform celebrating entrepreneurs, leaders and trailblazers. You don’t always have to follow only sites on law. And its also inspiring to read about what other women are doing in different industries. This platform does exactly that, so Check out Slay Nation SA (@SlayNationSA):

We hope you are encouraged each day when you go through your timeline, we hope that you are reminded of all there is to achieve.

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