How to overcome feeling inadequate and learn to support other women.

Women, for a number of unknown reasons, are pitted against each other in different scopes of life and are led to believe we’re working with a limited set of resources when it comes to achieving our career goals and aspirations. We wish more of us women knew that the success of one does not mean the failure of another. Even though, from time to time we all have that feeling. That deeply unsettling feeling that I do not belong. Known as the imposter syndrome, more of that soon. Feeling inadequate in our work environment is not unheard of, so over and above having to convince ourselves that we occupy these spaces deservedly so, we must then consider our need to be supported and to support other women much like us. When is comes to feeling inadequate, we can all identify with being afraid of never growing, I’m afraid of never growing. When feeling somewhat inadequate, the challenge is not being “better” or reaching “their level.” It’s putting yourself out there because you feel compelled to do so.

So here are some suggestions to help you feel more inclined to succeed, and alongside like minded women because there’s room for us all at reservoir of success. First of all, believe in TEAMWORK. When you become accustom to having people around you, they can assist where you feel your weakest and you can showcase your strengths when needed. Its about balance. It is also always better to talk about your insecurities to overcome them and that those around us who can in a way validate our positions and reassure us why we are even there. There is so much power in remembering why you even started on your journey as a lawyer or a business woman. And tracing back ourselves over the many challenges we were able to over come along the way. That teaches us perseverance, it shows us that we don’t hold the positions that we do by default. When you think back to how hard you have worked, you can better understand your progress and that of others. It is honestly amazing to be able to appreciate the work that you have done, and know that you deserve to be where you are. And honestly, when you can appreciate your own journey, you can resonate so much more with the women around you and then know why its important to stand by one another and support each other. So, go on and create your community of strong, hardworking women like yourself and hold the vision. Inspire, aspire and positively challenge each other to be better but not better than each other but better together. What challenges do you face within yourself each day? Share with us in the comments below.

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