Try ONLY 3 productivity hacks to get yourself going.

Whether or not you are a morning person, at the end of the day a full work day awaits. Along with deadlines, classes and meetings. We are pretty sure that by now you’ve read hundreds of articles that tell you what it takes to be more productive. Like for instance, working for longer hours is somehow always a solution according to some people. But not today, we have a similar but different perspective.

So here is how we get ourselves mentally and physically prepared in an effort to achieve our daily work targets.


When we write something in the diary and plan to do those things by the end of the day, you’ve got to hold yourself accountable and make sure that you follow through. When you have the spirit of completion you can do anything. Everything must be ticked off that’s on your to do list by the end of the day. You even have to commit to the simplest of things, like making sure that you drink water after every meal.


Start each day with the most important stuff, check your emails. Respond to urgent emails. Make notes of the important messages and respond promptly. Whether you work for your self or for someone else in a larger firm, you have to be reliable. Reliable in the way you do things, because if clients know that they can count on you when they send correspondence they can always choose you once again in the future.


Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could only do the things we found easier and more fulfilling? Well, before you can get to that point you have to get the nitty gritty part of the job out of the way. So, always start with the task you find daunting, so that as the day goes by you can enjoy the rest of the tasks that you can breeze through and end your day on a good note looking forward to another day on the job.

Sounds easy enough, right?!

Well. Why not give it a try and let us know how it goes. By the way, on average it takes about 7 days to form a habit but scientifically about 21 days to form a habit. So, it will be different for each one of us, so take the time to implement and integrate these simple solutions into your work life and see all the difference it will make.

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