With every new year beginning, every year brings about a fresh start for achieving ones goals.

There are many ways in which we can bring about our visions, we can choose to relish in our ideas, then have the audacity for completion when it comes to those ideas. Along with our personal new years resolutions, comes a lot of career resolutions.

Some of you are beginning law school, some are about to start an internship at the law firm of their dreams. Many others are about to write attorneys board exams or advocate bar exams. At this point, you have set out goals to achieve these objectives necessary to advance your skills in having a law career.

Some of you have just gotten your admission and right of appearance in the High Court, some have decided that you’ve had enough of working for someone else and so now you will pursue starting your own law firm and maybe a business outside the law industry, or even a charity organisation. Whatever the case maybe, there are goals in place that you hope to achieve this year. So, there are all these ideas in your head and for clarity sake you have bring them to life somehow. And that’s how vision boards come to play.

A vision board is just that, a board full of what you envision your life to be and that includes what it takes to get to that point from where you currently are. It is so important, to hold your dreams as close to your everyday life as possible as a reminder of what it is you are trying to get out of life. It gives you a timeline.

So, this year take time to look around you and collect every and anything that can aid you in achieving your goals. It can come from the internet, it can come from a magazine or memorabilia you got somewhere. Anything that works for you as an individual.

Creating a vision board isn’t limited to the old school way of cutting and pasting, nowadays you could just download an app and save all of them there. There is one or two we have used:

VisualApp: it comes with quotes to match your goals. You fill in the necessary images and whatever it is you want to include on a digital board and its there along with push notifications to remind you to check back on your goals. Its amazing, and available on the Apple I store and Google Play store.

Hay House: this is so nice to use as once you have put together your images and quotes, you can save the whole vision board as your phone or tablets wallpaper. That way, whenever you switch on your phone its a constant reminder to hold yourself accountable to achieving your goals.

Remember to quote Elizabeth Gilbert, “You must participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.”

We will checkin in a few months how everything is going. Have fun compiling your vision boards.

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