WELCOME: To the New Year and New Vision


Welcome to S.H.E Legal Co

In the past year, we have developed and established our platform, but this year we plan to take it a step further and redirect our standpoint.

When I first started this site, I knew the challenges both mentally and emotionally that I would have to overcome to bring this vision to life. One day I found myself once again having to google the word lawyer, and as always the first of the many images that popped up were always male lawyers, so I thought to myself let me be more specific, let me search female lawyers or women in law but everything was so mainstream, so isolated at the same time. So at this point, I felt that a space had to be created for women who were more than just that one thing, more than just women in law because I know and believe that women are multifaceted. In that moment, I took it upon myself to create this space but I will admit it is scary to exist in a non-existent space. I had different ideas as to what I wanted the site to achieve at a larger scale, I had fears of how it will be if I dare to take such a risk. I don’t often share my plans with a lot of people, so I kept it to myself for a while until I could understand where exactly i wanted to go with it. I knew, it needed purpose, I knew that I had a purpose in life and it was important to align the two. I didn’t want to create just another ‘law” site, I wanted a space that was inclusive on a global scale, for and of women studying law, practicing law while pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. I knew that these women existed, but I also noticed that such inspirational information wasn’t easy to come by. Obtaining a law degree is not an easy achievement, and then to go on and build successful businesses is twice as challenging. I felt that it needed to be celebrated as it serves to inspire many other women in the same industry and space. I hope to articulate these different journeys and stories of these phenomenal women in the business and legal industries through this platform. I wish to grow alongside women who understand the importance of uplifting one another. And so I will work on creating an amazing platform for myself and these women.

So, join me… Join us, as we work on making an unforgettable mark. Here’s to 2018.

Yours in legal faith

Monyana Tshiamiso

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