PART I: The A.B.C’s for millennials.


A- ATTITUDE: To any young person, attitude sets you apart from others. Having a positive attitude that is. It’s enough to get you in the door and sometimes it’s just what you need to help you stay in the building. In any field, but in this instance in law you’ve got to have a positive outlook. Be optimistic in the opportunities that exist. Whether that’s for getting into law school, or graduating to getting that vacation job at the big law firm… you’ve got to be positive in attitude to set yourself apart from the rest.

B- BEGIN: We all know of the grand saying, “just start”… It doesn’t matter what you have at your disposal all you need ometimes is to begin. Start with the little notes you have, while you can’t afford the textbook. Start with the little money you have to send that job application. The is no better time than the present to be able to achieve what we set our minds too. As mellenials we are exposed to so much and knowing how to use that is important for career development.

C- CONSISTENCY: It’s often said that you are most likely to succeed if you are consistent. You’ve got to consistently put your best foot forward, you’ve got to develop habits that aid you in working hard at achieving your goals. When you have a pattern it doesn’t mean your are stuck or comfortable it just means you’ve established a working system that actually works. Be a morning person is that makes you productive. Take up sport, just anything that needs consistency can really give you the edge to be successful.

D- DIVERSITY: Our ability to adapt to society and any industry aids in being a role player in our profession. The are so many options in the legal field, that’s why you can find a platform like SHE Legal CO existing to accommodate the different women who are in law or aspirant learned people of the law and also creating businesses along with the pressure of the legal industry. Diversity in the possibilities that exist to be achieved need to be embraced.

E- EXCEPTION: Always be the exception to the rule. Who makes the rules any how? So go against societal expectations in achieving your goals. Don’t just go to law school & that’s it, break barriers. Knock on doors. Don’t be the woman exception in an all male owned law firm. Make them the exception.

F- FUN: Law school can be time consuming, but remember to take some time out. All work and no play makes Dona a boring girl. Totes a SUITS reference.


to be continued… Readers fatigue is a real thing guys. We don’t want to exhaust you.

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