Busy? Here are small healthy changes you can make.


When you are a working woman, its hard to keep a balance of everything let alone keeping a strict diet plan. But failure to watch what we eat and how we go about in our days is often what slows us down. Between law school, or just being a working lawyer and also trying to juggle a business, or family we can easily forget why its necessary to keep as healthy as possible.

Often when we think about changing our eating habits we think about how difficult it can be to even begin to start thinking about what to eat or do to change how we normally go about living our lives. Well, truth is… being a little healthier should really be a priority on every one of our lists. Our bodies are wonderful “things’ and we should honestly aim to take care of them as best as we can.

Being healthier doesn’t mean giving up all the great foods we have at our disposal ever so often, it just means incorporating the more healthier foods into our already existing diets. Because, when we eat better, we feel better, we think better and essentially just function and do better thus equipping each of us with the potential to work hard at our lives and careers. By simply incorporating small changes into our everyday life, we can improve physically and mentally.

Herein listed are just a number of easy ways in which we suggest you try to be “healthier”:


Uuhmmn, anyone else hate working out? It can be a tedious task to even learn a new work out routine so we just suggest that you start taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Sound simple enough? For example, when you get to the office just take the stairs, if you live in an apartment building just take the stairs. Going up and down the stairs will maybe just take a few minutes out of your busy schedule but its good practice, especially if you are sitting in an office job all day.

You could also; park further away from your office block and walk an extra 5-10 minutes to your destination. Or after work, for cardio just walk on the treadmill at the gym or one you have in your guestroom.


Vegetables, whose idea was it anyway? But its easier than we think cause you can add veggies into your meals without you even noticing. Just find creative ways by maybe adding spinach to your smoothie in the morning or just Google cool ways to add veggies to your diet. If we can trick our little children into eating vegetables we should try ourselves.

Try making salads with dark leafy greens instead of lettuce, which is mostly just water to be honest. Use olive oil. Don’t buy take out with fries, take a veggie side like pumpkin or sweet potatoes.


Ever heard of ‘delayed gratification’? Well, apply that theory here. Eat the vegetables you dread so much first then blissfully enjoy the rest of you meal. We’re all guilty of leaving the sad looking salad or side of spinach for last but then never really get to eating it. But its important that we try fill up with vegetables as much as you can before anything else on your plate of food.


There isn’t a single one of us that can say they have never heard of all the natural benefits that come with consuming as much water as possible in a day. 8 glasses of water they say. But to increase productivity and to make things easier, just carry a bottle. Its so convenient and you wont need to keep leaving your desk to get a glass of water. Its true, having a good water intake is essential and provides so many benefits. Even for your skin.




Your budget will get better with this option. Working life and law school can be busy and hard and takes a toll on your wallet and eating out every lunch time can really take its toll on your health. Honestly these fats food store have only a handful of healthy foods so might as well avoid going there. Sometimes its easier to grab a pre-made sandwich but while this choice might not seem bad, eating processed foods like those on the regular can do more damage than good.

So just make your own lunches at home, because it will mean you know whats in them and it will keep you fuller for longer anyway.


Why dont we learn to incorporate a work out into our fun time. Thats a great way to actually move without realizing that we are actually moving. So lets opt for more active hobbies. Take a dance class, join a bowling club, or just go to the park people.


Move away from processed foods and as previously mentioned invest in making your own food. Bake your own bread. Eat fruits, bananas, apples and nectar’s. Switch your morning fruit juice for an actual piece of fruit.


Basically, just find time to be more aware of the food you consume, move more and eat a little better. See the difference it makes.



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