We genuinely like to think of the credit crunch as a way to get creative and save in small, smart ways. Here’s how…

1. Get a piggy bank

You’ve definitely heard this one before. From your granmother maybe, a wise woman. It’s easy, all you’ve got to do with that spare change after a quick grocery run is to pour into your piggy bank. We suggest you put a specific amount, and you’ll see a few months from now you’ll have a nice emergency stash.

2. Be a coupon queen

Remember an episode of the Kardashians when Kris ahumpries said Kourtney didn’t need coupons cause she was a millionaire? How dare he? That’s why his marriage didn’t last… we kid, we kid. But yes, coupons are your best friends girl. From cash-back vouchers to supermarkets coupons, don’t ever be embarrassed to take advantage of discounts babygirl. No matter how small.

3. Get handy, babes

Learn a bunch of DIY smart hacks and do stuff around the house yourself, it’s much cheaper than calling a professional. We have Pinterest nowadays, accessible DIY tips at a touch of a button.

4. Do it yourself

Same, same but different. What we mean here is do you have any idea how much your tall decaf mocha latte cost you each morning, each week. Not to mention the effect these containers they use have on the environment. The same goes for bottled water. Bring your own to work.

5. Don’t speed

The danger factor aside, exceeding the speed limit can also become a very costly affair, so avoid it at all cost. The money spent paying off speeding fines can be put to better use else where.

6. Buy in bulk

Shop smart. Take advantage of the “buy one, get one free” specials maybe alongside your girlfriends. You guys can split the cost and save. This works for clothes, books and some food items.

7. Quit the gym…

Wait, what? Yes, cause do you even still go to the gym? Or are you paying monthly membership fee for nothing? But get one thing right, we don’t at all suggest you quit your work out routine. Just maybe workout at home and use gym installments for savings. Plus you save on having to drive to the gym as well.

8. Go to the library

You probably don’t remember where to find one anymore. But here’s the thing, borrowing books from the local library lessens the whole having to buy the books. And it’s better for the environment too. You can also save by starting a book club with your group of friends and colleagues swapping books instead.

9. Enter competitions

These days, most brands social media strategy include running competitions. It’s online and doesn’t cost much. Sometimes all you need is to repost or retweet to win movie tickets or whatever. So enter as many competitions as you can on your timeline and you could win a holiday. Who knows.

10. Draw cash

When you go out, leave your card at home, pay with cash and get change. Save all your change ( refer back to 1.) and you won’t over spend what you intended to on a night out.


So, how did you like our suggestions? Let us know and please share some of your smart savvy money saving tips.

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